Sunday, December 4, 2011

It will all work out...

I have been so bad at blogging lately!! Life is crazy and stressful. I feel like i never know what to blog about but today I am feeling so ready to be home with my family!! Provo you have been good to me but my time has come to an end, atleast for now. Im feeling so sad to leave all of the people i have become so close to. At the same time I have never been so ready for new things!! I cant even imagine the amazing things life will bring, but im ready:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Walk through October

October has been such a busy but fun month!! Instead of telling you about it I will show you what I have been up to..

Carving Pumpkins

Cornbelly's! So much fun!

Nightmare on 13th

Spider cupcakes turned monster

Friday, September 30, 2011

The weird kid.

I have a lot of random thoughts today..
       *I fell asleep on my couch last night. Its not the right size for a person of my height to sleep on! I had just told Jamie and Careissa that I never fall asleep during movies. False, apparently i do now, and I'm feeling the consequences today!
       *Have you ever gotten stuck with the weird person of the class when the teacher tells you to find a partner?? Welcome to my life. EVERYDAY! Maybe I'm the weird one that others get stuck with, but I'm pretty sure these people I get partnered up with are the weird ones!!
      * UVU makes you wear a uniform shirt if you take a gym class here. They are always warm when i put it on. It freaks me out!
      *I'm trying to sell my apartment contract. I have two people coming to look at it today! YAY! Hopefully i can sell it.
      *Last of all, Lacey and Eric  got married yesterday and it was beautiful! I love them!!

Adorable ice cream sunday toppings bar

My Grandpa's Car

Love her!!


Cookies on a stick

Thursday, September 22, 2011

and i dont speak chinese...

Remember how in my last blog post I told you i made a giant decision?? Well its official and here it is... drum roll please....... Im moving to TAIWAN!!! Yep its true. I just got a job there teaching english for six months. I leave January and i will be back June! Man oh man, Im so excited for all the amazing things i will get to experience. I might even fly over to Thailand for a little side adventure and ride an elephant! Who knows?? Anyways im way excited and a lot a bit nervous. I sure dont like seafood and that is all they eat. and I dont speak chinese.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Smiley Face!

Last Tuesday my apartment was invited over for Taco Tuesday. We had so much fun and it was delish!! The boys in our ward are so nice and we loved hanging out with them. Anyways we brought unfried fried icecream for dessert. It was soooo good! Here it is:
The recipe is simple, just crush up some frosted flakes mix it with cinnamon, then cut your softened ice cream into the size you want. Roll your ice cream in your frosted flakes, sprinkle with more cinnamon, then drizzle them with chocolate, the recipe calls for honey instead of chocolate, but honestly chocolate is a much better idea! Next time I want to drizzle with caramel and chocolate! Mmm! Also today I made a giant decision that will effect my life. I'm way excited and once its all official there will be a post to inform all you curious people:) SMILEY FACE!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Grapes and Carrots

Today in Biology my professor passed around grapes and carrots for an object lesson. The kid next to me, who i must say was quite attractive takes a grape and starts to pass them to me then he looks at me and says "These are my grapes i grew them in my garden. will you pass them around and share them with the class?" I obviously knew he was kidding so i just went along with it. Then about a minute later the carrots came from the opposite direction. So as I pass them to this kid. I say " I grew these in my garden and i brought them to share." He looked at with a strange look and this was our conversation..
 "These are yours?"
"Yep, i got them from my garden."
"Oh, i was kidding those grapes weren't really mine."
" I know, these carrots aren't really mine"
"I'm so confused. OOOHH she passed around grapes and carrots??"
People around me got it and laughed but I still don't think he thought i was in the least bit clever.
I still find it hilarious so i just had to share. I hope you think its funny too!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Very Unhappy Valley

I have no idea where everyone is but i haven't seen any life for three days now! Ok that is an exaggeration but i have been in my new apartment all by myself for three days. All my roommates brought their stuff and then none of them stayed here. Since school hasn't started and i get lost or stuck in traffic whenever i try and go somewhere, I decided to just stay in my apartment all day. Let me tell you I am so bored of talking to myself! I call my mom every hour just to update her on how i have sat on my bed looking at the ceiling. Its bad, really bad! Luckily right before i went insane i went to UVU with Madison and we attempted to find all of our classes but like i said earlier i get lost every time i leave my apartment so we got lost a couple times. Student and Teachers just watched us and laughed. "Hey thanks for helping us out... we OBVIOUSLY are new here.. but don't worry we will get it!" and we did we figured it out but i would have been nice if someone would have helped us out. Basically I'm just whining but if things don't start to get better its going to be a very unhappy valley.

I just had to share

I made these cute little thank you baskets (with the help of my mom) for the people at work since I quit to move down to school.They are cookies on a stick:) They turned out so cute so i just had to share!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Single Girls Can Craft Too!!

Sometimes, life gets busy and blogging is one of the last things to do on your list! Also sometimes that person is me! Where did July even go?? I have been so busy with work, church and vacationing! Don't get me wrong i love being busy but it can get stressful! Anyways i got a calling in my singles ward and I'm on the  activities committee! I'm specifically in charge of FHE with two others! I love it! I have an amazing committee and we put so much work into making sure FHE goes well, So far so good! I'm constantly trying to come up with fun ideas of things we can do! If you guys have any fun ideas PLEASE feel free to let me know!! Also if you have any fun overnight ideas for my ward you could share those too!!

Alright to explain some of the pictures below...Every 24th of July my dads side of the family goes to my Grandmas cabin and we celebrate!! However we are a little bit extreme to say the least! We always have a different theme for each year and then individual families put on skits, We have parades, costumes and our own outdoor movie on the barn door!! We are spoiled and its fun! Crazy is another word i would use to describe it! This years theme was pow wow. How many people can you say celebrated the 24th pow wow style?? Probably not many! The rest of the pictures are from our Lake Powell Trip, Enjoy!

Married Girls with blogs always do all these cute craft projects for their homes. To say the least I'm a bit jealous!! So look what i made!! Its a cute little earring holder:) My mom, Marissa, Korin and I, all made cute individual ones for each of my Zwahlen cousins for their summer birthdays! Before i made this i just had my earrings in a box and i would only wear a couple pairs because im lazy and i didnt want to search for any others! Problem solved! I'm quite proud!! Yep that's right single girls can craft too!
I might have too many earrings..
Yep we are a little bit strange... Oh well!!

Hole in the Rock

The Group at Rainbow Bridge

We may or may not have been making up our own tube dance!!

The Black Pearl

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to My Busy Life

This last week my family and some family friends went to Lake Powell!! Thank goodness for the much needed vacation!! The week was perfect, we had excellent weather and a ton of fun. We were so spoiled this trip. We not only had a houseboat but we also had four other boats! Lets just say we were always out and about skiing, wake surfing, tubing, wake boarding, and exploring the lake! Oh yes also we went to Rainbow Bridge! This was my first time ever going and I'm not going to lie it was pretty neat!  When we weren't boating we were playing card games, watching movies on the rock wall, or eating a ton of food!! We probably could and should have stayed at least another week with all the food we had!! Unfortunately we had to come home and its back to my busy life!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy July!

So if you haven't noticed already i like to change my background to match the month. Since July is my favorite month I got a little excited and decided to change it a little early!! I mean whats not to love about July? First off the 4th of July is by far the best holiday, the warm weather, vacations, and of course no school!! Plus its my birthday on Monday so i can:) HAPPY JULY!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

#58 Be a Bridesmaid atleast once!

Yesterday was probably the happiest day of my life so far!! Ok maybe a little exaggeration but still it was a really great day!! Kasey and Korin finally got married! I'm so happy for them! They are adorable together! Korin didn't have any bridesmaids but I secretly told myself i was one!! Also since its on my list I'm counting it:) Here are some pictures from yesterday!! Enjoy!
Awe!! Look how cute!!
Me, Lace, and Marissa
I love my new sister!!
The mama and sister!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pink Eye

This week I got pink eye! Bummer!! I havent ever had pink eye and i sooo hoped it was just allergies, but i was wrong it was definitley pink eye! Even though it wasnt the best thing that has ever happened to me I'm grateful for it. It made me realize how amazing the people i work with are!! They are so wonderful and I hope it can continue to get to know each and everyone of them!! Donna brought me eye drops, Lindsey and Brooke helped me know what to do, and Karen, Tiffany and Sam helped me work my shifts so i didnt give it to any of the kids(or them cross your fingers) So Thank You!! You guys are the best!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Everybody Hurts Just a Little Too Much!

Rhylee, Rachel, and I went on a ROAD TRIP to St. George!! We had so much fun!!  We left Thursday morning and the drive down was very rainy we almost died about fifty times poor Rachel had to drive in it past all the big semi- trucks! The further south you get the more creative people get when they name restaurants! A couple we saw that we thought were the most clever were. "Mexican Food" and "Chinese Food". Yes they actually named their restaurants that! Also we saw a Zebra!!!! It was awesome, but it was raining to hard to get out and take a picture not to mention Rhylee was about to pee her pants. Finally we arrived in St. George!! After we got unpacked we went shopping for all of our groceries and then Rhylee made delicious tacos. Since it was Rhylees birthday the day before we attempted to got to Orange Peel but it was closed at 8:30!! Can you believe it?? We couldn't. Everything was closed so early!! So instead we went to the movies and saw "Something Borrowed".

The rest of the trip we layed out by the pool! The weather was perfect there!! Rachel and Rhylee fried because they didn't listen to me when i told them to put sunscreen on!! Trust me i have been sun burnt enough in my life to know that i always need sunscreen!!! Also we hiked the narrows, biked in the pouring rain. Tried to catch bunnies, swam, we rode in a convertable, went to sand hollow, watched the Justin Bieber movie, She's the Man and Definitely, Maybe. Also we went to the park, and at nights we would drive around St. George blasting our theme songs for the trip!!  Our theme songs were " A little to much"- Natasha Bedingfield and "E.T"-Katy Perry feat. Kanye! Don't ask me why those became our theme songs but they did and we listened to each one about one million times!! Oh yea while we were there we did baptisms at the St. George temple!! Another Utah temple crossed off our list:)

Now i know you guys are thinking WOW they probably had the best road trip in the world, which we did but we also had a lot of embarrassing moments (Rachel and Rhylee know what I'm talking about) and we learned a lot also!! We fixed a bike tire and we even BBQ ed our own hamburgers( we worried a little when flames started coming out of the lid but other than that we mastered our BBQ Talents while managing to not burn down the condos) Like Rhylee says.. "Real girls BBQ"

Sara we missed you so much and we are so sad you couldn't come but we will plan another one some time hopefully!! Overall we had the best time, and we wished we could have stayed longer We are still talking and laughing about everything that happened!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Working at the Child Care Center is so much fun! I absolutely LOVE it!! I work with amazing people and all the kids are TOO cute!! However it does have its down side. I have been sick since i started working there! When somebody is sick, it spreads till everyone is sick! I started taking multi-vitamins(they are gigantic and gross!) in hopes that they will help.. but working long days leaves me and my body exhausted and with no time to recover. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep from getting sick?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bucket of Sand

A bucket full of sand landed on my head and then continued all down my back! Normally I wouldn't be very happy about it but the five year old boy who did it was so cute.... I just got a job at South Davis Community Hospital in their Child Care Center! Since it's at the hospital I had to do a ton of paper work, get my food handlers permit, and get CPR/First aid Certified!  I feel so professional! I have a cool little name tag and i got a free mug that i carry everywhere i go now!

I have only worked there one day but i already LOVE it! All the kids and infants are so adorable! The 3, 4, and 5 year old room is my favorite! They call me Miss Ashley. How cute is that?
They had only met me once when i went back to get my work schedule and i didnt think they would remember me. However when i walked in they all yelled "MISS ASHLEY!" They asked me to stay, but i couldn't so they all came and gave me hugs and as i left they said they missed me already and one girl blew me a kiss!! What sweethearts! They made my day and i cant wait to go to work again. This time I would prefer if i didn't get a bucket of sand dumped on my head.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Shuttle

The WSU shuttle is a very exciting place to be at 8:30 in the morning. I always have lots of "neat" people i get to see, sit by or my favorite ease drop. Not once has the shuttle failed to give me a story. Whether its the smell of eggs, a cat hair covered back pack, a conversation about who likes who more,(Yes in college i heard a couple(dating about 6 months) argue about who loved who more in high pitched baby voices..its OK though because they had just been through counseling. The first semester had been a rough time.) a person larger than the seat so then they end up on my lap, oh yes and my absolute cherished moment when there is about 15 seats open and someone decides to sit right next to me. LOVE that.
Anyways today was my last day of school for the summer. I'm am quite sad that i will not ever step on that shuttle again. Oh but did i mention I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER??? I'm so happy about it and in my human development class my professor told me that if you passed his class you were allowed to be a parent!! I passed here is the certificate to prove it!!
That's right! Parent Certified now i just need a husband!
   Yesterday Kasey proposed to Korin it was so cute!! I love it! I cant wait to have Korin as my sister in-law!!  I hope she realizes what she is getting her self into marrying into our family. Hopefully my blog  doesn't scare her off. Congrats you two!! I'm so excited for you!

When they are married they will have the same initials! I think its so cute!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

82. Beat Angry Birds

On April 9th at 11:03 AM I, Ashley Zwahlen finally beat Angry Birds!! I am so proud of myself. Thank you Rhylee for helping me reach my goals.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

34. Ride in a Helicopter!

On my senior trip we went to Kauai While we were there we went on a HELICOPTER RIDE around the island. We got to see the Na Pali coast and fly inside a volcano in it was ablsolutely beautiful!!

My Dad, Mom and Me after our Helicopter ride!

The Na Pali Coast

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halls Lemon Cough Drops!

Dear Friends above our apartment,

You are very noisy. I dont know if you knew, but we can hear your loud music, your stomping across the floor, your crying, your musical numbers,  even your cell phone vibrating every two seconds. It is not ok. Now, I know one of you is sick up there because i hear your disgusting, juicy cough all the time. It makes me want to throw up when i hear it. So here, let me get you some lemon cough drops and a get well card that reads " Dear Friend, Please get well as soon as you can, also please stop coughing. Thank you"! Then I will slide the cough drops up through the vent between our apartments.  You're welcome. That is all!

Love Your Friends below you,

Ashley, Rhylee, Rachel, and Sara
A Gift For You

Friday, March 18, 2011

100 Lifetime Goals

I never know what to post about so I finally came up the idea to put up my 100 Lifetime goals list i made about a year ago.  I'm excited to see how many goals i can accomplish. When i complete a new goal i will let you know about it:) Problem solved I now have 100 things i can post about... Here they are, ENJOY!
1. Go Sky Diving 2. Climb Mt. Everest 3. Go to Hannah's wedding 4. Go to Festival of colors 5. Live above the Country Cleaners 6. Learn a new Language 7. Get Married (preferably not to a creeper) 8. Swim in Chocolate 9. Get Fit 10. Shave Hannah's Head 11. Have Perfect Eye Sight 12. Graduate From College 13.Get a Job as an Elementary Teacher 14. Meet someone Famous 15. Have Children 16. Find a Genie Lamp 17. Make Wish #1 World Peace 18. Make wish #2 19. Make wish #3 20.Name a star after me 21. Visit the Pyramids 22. Never get divorced 23. Get a Pretend Tattoo 24. Be in two places at once 25. Learn to drive stick 26. Memorize the Dictionary 27. Build the worlds biggest sand castle 28. Live to be at least 85 29. Back pack through Europe 30. Go Scuba diving 31.Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 32. Learn to jump the wake on a wake board 33. climb an active Volcano 34. Ride in a Helicopter 35. Write my name in wet cement 36.Fly in a hot air balloon 37. Become a grandparent 38. Build a life sized gingerbread house 39. Put nail polish in the microwave 40. Write a children's book 41. Learn to make/decorate professional cakes 42. Go to the worlds biggest water park 43. Go to the worlds biggest amusement park 44. Visit the Statue of Liberty 45. Climb a Palm Tree 46. Go toilet papering 47. Be more Social 48. Go para sailing 49. Get Hannah in Sexy in SLC 50. Discover a new planet 51.Discover a new species 52. Come back as a hot pink flying bacteria with 50 million eyes 53. Go to New Zealand 54. Go to Australia 55. Be on the News 56. Run a Marathon 57. Plan someones wedding 58. Be a Brides maid at least once 59. Donate to charity 60. Never turn out like people on reality TV shows 61. Have my own Reality show 62. Keep a Journal 63. Never Break a Bone 64. Never get the chicken pox 65. Buy a Boat 66. Buy a House Boat 67. Go Kayaking 68. Take a gondola in Venice 69. Visit the Great Wall of China 70. Go to the Inca Village in the Andes Mountains 71. Stay in a house on the water in Tahiti 72. Go to every State 73. Learn to Keep secrets 74. Plan a surprise party 75. Go Bungee Jumping 76. Ride an Elephant 77. Go to every temple in Utah 78. Clean the Sink 79. Volunteer in a 3rd World country 80. Learn to Paint 81. Learn to be less scared of everything and everyone 82.Beat Angry Birds 83. Open PAMJCTLTFPB Shack 84. Plant a Garden 85. Go on an African safari 86. Go Ice Fishing 87. Dig to China 88. Learn to Snowboard 89. Have a Mud Fight 90. Own a Hot Tub 91. Learn to Cook a new Dessert 92. Keep a scrapbook 93. Do Family History 94. Become an Aunt 95. Swim with the Dolphins 96. Read more often 97. Own a House 98. Travel the world 99. Go to a concert 100. Finish as many of these goals as i can!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dream Interpreter!

Last night i had a dream about sharks many many sharks.In this dream i saved turtles, went tubing among the sharks and had an old man offer me a shark ride from a blind shark who had eaten his own eyes. This bizzare dream isnt out of the ordinary for me i always have bizzare dreams, but today i decided i wanted to be the dream interpreter. So i researched what it meant if i had sharks in my dreams. This is what it said.  "To see a shark in your dream, indicates feelings of anger, hostility and fierceness. You are undergoing a long and difficult emotional period and may be an emotional threat to yourself or to others. Perhaps you are struggling with your individually and independence, especially in some aspect of your relationship."  Well i did just move out but im pretty sure i am doing just fine and im not struggling. "aspect of my relationship" all i have to say about that is  ha ha me in a relationship? Thats funny!! I dont think i have feelings of anger, hostility or fierceness. So i guess that leaves me being an emotional threat to myself and others. I will apologize before hand if i become an emotional threat to you. (Especially Rachel, Rhylee, or Sara.) I truly have no intentions of becoming a threat to anyone, but the Dream Interpreter tells no lies!! 

If you have any dreams you would like me to interpret please let me know and i will gladly interpret them!

Thats all for now,


Ashley a.k.a. The dream Interpreter

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All i wanted was a centered name!!

Here it goes my first blog. I hated it. Everything about making the perfect blog was WAY too hard. All I wanted was a cute background and a centered name.I struggled with both. Finally after a couple hours (Thanks to the Internet and nitecruzer) I at least i had a centered name and  I was somewhat  pleased. However the most dreadful part of all was soon to come...posting! I thought "I am a Freak" anything i say about myself is sure to scare off my one follower. I could say that get annoyed with sounds, that my personal bubble is probably the size of the moon, and my dear sweet roommates have a list of things i hate which goes on for miles. Or i could say how I love to ease drop and facebook stalk most everyone. I could tell you about how I'm constantly cleaning and cooking at my apartment and how Rachel thinks that i am the maid and not actually her roommate.  Or maybe i should just keep it simple and tell you that i now love my blog but most of all i LOVE how my name is centered!