Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halls Lemon Cough Drops!

Dear Friends above our apartment,

You are very noisy. I dont know if you knew, but we can hear your loud music, your stomping across the floor, your crying, your musical numbers,  even your cell phone vibrating every two seconds. It is not ok. Now, I know one of you is sick up there because i hear your disgusting, juicy cough all the time. It makes me want to throw up when i hear it. So here, let me get you some lemon cough drops and a get well card that reads " Dear Friend, Please get well as soon as you can, also please stop coughing. Thank you"! Then I will slide the cough drops up through the vent between our apartments.  You're welcome. That is all!

Love Your Friends below you,

Ashley, Rhylee, Rachel, and Sara
A Gift For You

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