Friday, August 30, 2013

Sister Training Leader

Hey Family and Friends,

First off thanks so much for all the Emails and letters. That's what I'm talking about:) Its nice to hear from all of you, However I dont have time to email everyone back so I will be trying to write you back instead. If I don't get to emailing you back please forgive me. Also I got a package from the Stokes! Tell them THANKS!! That was so sweet of them. This week has been crazy!! I have been so busy because I have been called as the Sister Training Leader, so basically I just make sure the girls are ok and im like their mother. Its really stressful. I have had meeting after meeting and then I get back to my room to find out sisters are wanting to go home, or they arent getting along with their companion. Its a little stressful, but so rewarding. I cant even tell you how much my zone has become like my family. Especially the Sisters! They are amazing and I love them and care about each one of them. Also as part of my calling I got to do an orientation with the zone leaders to welcome the new district to the MTC. In the new district their is an Elder Maybee, who says he knows Emily and Sam, small world huh? 

Can I just say the MTC is such an amazing place, I cant even believe how much I have grown. We have two investigators one is Michelle and ones name is Maria. We almost got Maria to commit to baptism, but no luck yet. I wanted to tell you about my experience with Michelle. We went in with a lesson plan and as we taught the spirit was so strong and our lesson ended up being completely different. Sister Woodward and I were truly led by the spirit, how we should teach. It was  so amazing. I still get way nervous to teach but once im teaching and the spirit is there, I am so calm and the things I need to say just come to my mind. I am getting way excited to get out to Ohio and teach teach teach!! Oh and I got an email from the mission office that said they hadnt received my paper work. so if you get another packet will you please resend what you can?? Thank you. 

On tuesday we had a devotional at the Marriot Center and Neil L Anderson was the speaker. I loved his talk and he said "While on your mission put the "I" away!" I love that and im learning that it is never about me. When I serve those around me, I forget all about myself and that is when I am closest to the spirit. This gospel is amazing!! ahh I love it and I cant wait to share it. Anyways on the way back from the devotional it was pouring rain so pretty much we were soaking wet and then Sister Woodward lost her key so we went back searching for it. Lets just say I wasn't pretty by the time we got back to class.. and LATE. As we walked into class a member of our branch presidency was in our class. I was embarrassed. Im sure they are regretting their decision to make me Sister Training Leader. Oh and I almost forgot us Sister in our district all sang in the Choir for the devotional and guess what?? It was being broadcast to the other MTCs around the world, guess who got a close up of them selves several times as they were singing. Yep, Me!! I guess you could say I'm pretty famous here!! haha just kidding just kidding. 

Can you believe i am more than half way done with the MTC?? I leave in like 5 days!! its crazy. 

Last week my whole district got stuck in the elevator for a couple hours. Elder, Elder Elder. They decided it would be fun to jump. Now they know what happens with that!! Lucky for me I was at a meeting so I didn't get stuck, which is good because I wouldnt have been able to stand being stuck with some of our Elders for that long! Dont get me wrong I love them and we all have a lot of fun but sometimes they are stupid and frustrating. 

Also I got to go to the temple this morning. It was wonderful as usual! I love the temple and I am going to miss going! I met a Lady in the Temple who was talking to me about her mission and she looked at her name and they were from Ohio. she leaned over and said " looks like we are doing work for Ohio on both sides of the veil! ahh how cool is that!! I loved that! I'm so excited to bring people to Christ! It doesn't get much better than this! Time is flying by and Im loving every minute. 
I guess I am lame and I always forget to what I want to tell you. So sorry its a lame email. but I love you all. I will leave you with advice, DEAR ELDER!! I love it. I can get them everyday so then I don't have to wait till my p-day to get mail. Which I wont have anymore of here at the MTC Anyways!!

Love you All

Sister Zwahlen

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wet Cement

First, lets say that every single person in my district received mail today, but not me. Not a single letter. Don't worry, I was sure I would have an email from someone... Nope not a single. Moral of the story, people should write me:)  So as you can tell my p-day is Friday, but I only have a half day today. The MTC is wonderful I am loving everything about it so far, I sit a lot but I am learning tons. On our first day we had 3 investigators, and as a group of about 100 we were to teach. It was great. I learned lots. Mostly that we need to really get to know those that we will teach, and try and look at them the way our Heavenly Father can see them. Its amazing when you try to see everyone that way. You experience a lot of love for someone you have only known for 5 min. My companion is Sister Woodward. She is from Kearns, and headed to the San Antonio, Texas Mission. Its a little sad because she is the only sister in our district headed to Texas, All the other sisters are headed to good old Ohio, Columbus Mission. I am very grateful that I have Sister Woodward. She is amazing. I learn so much with her and we work so well as a companionship. Neat story. Sister Woodward was supposed to leave for her mission in April because a week before she was to report she fell off a horse and broke her back. I know that this sounds sad, but I'm so grateful she did. I know that she was meant to be my companion. So if that meant delaying her mission 4 months. It had to happen:) Maybe I should just say nothing is by accident. There are 6 sisters and 6 elders in my district. Sister Woodward and I are the oldest missionaries in our zone at our old age of a whopping 22 years, but we enjoy it and all 6 of us sisters are in the same room. (sister Anderson, Sister Burningham, Sister Daupin, and Sister Harper.   Its kind of fun. We all really get along great. None of us are the same and it works because we all balance each other out.  My classes are great I have an amazing teacher Sister Kline and she is so sweet and really works hard. Ok so let me explain the the subject of my email now. So for gym time, Sister Woodward and I went up to the field, and as we were walking to the field I may or may not have stepped in wet cement, in front of the workers. They all just laughed at me and it was a little embarrassing. I think its all said and done, but when I return the worker told me I had to pay for my foot print. ha ha I ran away. Just kidding. I'm pretty sure he was just joking with me. but now I learned not to walk around cones and workers because there may be a reason they are there. The food is great. I have liked everything. Its not the best but I'm not going to complain I get filled and I'm happy.  Although yesterday one of the options was "cod nuggets".. Ewwwwwwwwww I stayed clear of that line. I will not eat something with the knowledge that it is called a Cod nugget. Also in the showers if anyone starts singing everyone joins in. Its creepy. I don't like that.  Well lots has happened here but I cant remember all of it. Its kind of cool I feel like I have been here for at least a week. Its like time is slowed down here so that we have all that time to study and learn what we need to. Its like a blessing in disguise.  Well that's all for now. I don't have a lot of time to email today. Love you all. I'm great and I love it here. 

Sister Zwahlen