Thursday, March 31, 2011

34. Ride in a Helicopter!

On my senior trip we went to Kauai While we were there we went on a HELICOPTER RIDE around the island. We got to see the Na Pali coast and fly inside a volcano in it was ablsolutely beautiful!!

My Dad, Mom and Me after our Helicopter ride!

The Na Pali Coast

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halls Lemon Cough Drops!

Dear Friends above our apartment,

You are very noisy. I dont know if you knew, but we can hear your loud music, your stomping across the floor, your crying, your musical numbers,  even your cell phone vibrating every two seconds. It is not ok. Now, I know one of you is sick up there because i hear your disgusting, juicy cough all the time. It makes me want to throw up when i hear it. So here, let me get you some lemon cough drops and a get well card that reads " Dear Friend, Please get well as soon as you can, also please stop coughing. Thank you"! Then I will slide the cough drops up through the vent between our apartments.  You're welcome. That is all!

Love Your Friends below you,

Ashley, Rhylee, Rachel, and Sara
A Gift For You

Friday, March 18, 2011

100 Lifetime Goals

I never know what to post about so I finally came up the idea to put up my 100 Lifetime goals list i made about a year ago.  I'm excited to see how many goals i can accomplish. When i complete a new goal i will let you know about it:) Problem solved I now have 100 things i can post about... Here they are, ENJOY!
1. Go Sky Diving 2. Climb Mt. Everest 3. Go to Hannah's wedding 4. Go to Festival of colors 5. Live above the Country Cleaners 6. Learn a new Language 7. Get Married (preferably not to a creeper) 8. Swim in Chocolate 9. Get Fit 10. Shave Hannah's Head 11. Have Perfect Eye Sight 12. Graduate From College 13.Get a Job as an Elementary Teacher 14. Meet someone Famous 15. Have Children 16. Find a Genie Lamp 17. Make Wish #1 World Peace 18. Make wish #2 19. Make wish #3 20.Name a star after me 21. Visit the Pyramids 22. Never get divorced 23. Get a Pretend Tattoo 24. Be in two places at once 25. Learn to drive stick 26. Memorize the Dictionary 27. Build the worlds biggest sand castle 28. Live to be at least 85 29. Back pack through Europe 30. Go Scuba diving 31.Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 32. Learn to jump the wake on a wake board 33. climb an active Volcano 34. Ride in a Helicopter 35. Write my name in wet cement 36.Fly in a hot air balloon 37. Become a grandparent 38. Build a life sized gingerbread house 39. Put nail polish in the microwave 40. Write a children's book 41. Learn to make/decorate professional cakes 42. Go to the worlds biggest water park 43. Go to the worlds biggest amusement park 44. Visit the Statue of Liberty 45. Climb a Palm Tree 46. Go toilet papering 47. Be more Social 48. Go para sailing 49. Get Hannah in Sexy in SLC 50. Discover a new planet 51.Discover a new species 52. Come back as a hot pink flying bacteria with 50 million eyes 53. Go to New Zealand 54. Go to Australia 55. Be on the News 56. Run a Marathon 57. Plan someones wedding 58. Be a Brides maid at least once 59. Donate to charity 60. Never turn out like people on reality TV shows 61. Have my own Reality show 62. Keep a Journal 63. Never Break a Bone 64. Never get the chicken pox 65. Buy a Boat 66. Buy a House Boat 67. Go Kayaking 68. Take a gondola in Venice 69. Visit the Great Wall of China 70. Go to the Inca Village in the Andes Mountains 71. Stay in a house on the water in Tahiti 72. Go to every State 73. Learn to Keep secrets 74. Plan a surprise party 75. Go Bungee Jumping 76. Ride an Elephant 77. Go to every temple in Utah 78. Clean the Sink 79. Volunteer in a 3rd World country 80. Learn to Paint 81. Learn to be less scared of everything and everyone 82.Beat Angry Birds 83. Open PAMJCTLTFPB Shack 84. Plant a Garden 85. Go on an African safari 86. Go Ice Fishing 87. Dig to China 88. Learn to Snowboard 89. Have a Mud Fight 90. Own a Hot Tub 91. Learn to Cook a new Dessert 92. Keep a scrapbook 93. Do Family History 94. Become an Aunt 95. Swim with the Dolphins 96. Read more often 97. Own a House 98. Travel the world 99. Go to a concert 100. Finish as many of these goals as i can!!