Friday, September 30, 2011

The weird kid.

I have a lot of random thoughts today..
       *I fell asleep on my couch last night. Its not the right size for a person of my height to sleep on! I had just told Jamie and Careissa that I never fall asleep during movies. False, apparently i do now, and I'm feeling the consequences today!
       *Have you ever gotten stuck with the weird person of the class when the teacher tells you to find a partner?? Welcome to my life. EVERYDAY! Maybe I'm the weird one that others get stuck with, but I'm pretty sure these people I get partnered up with are the weird ones!!
      * UVU makes you wear a uniform shirt if you take a gym class here. They are always warm when i put it on. It freaks me out!
      *I'm trying to sell my apartment contract. I have two people coming to look at it today! YAY! Hopefully i can sell it.
      *Last of all, Lacey and Eric  got married yesterday and it was beautiful! I love them!!

Adorable ice cream sunday toppings bar

My Grandpa's Car

Love her!!


Cookies on a stick

Thursday, September 22, 2011

and i dont speak chinese...

Remember how in my last blog post I told you i made a giant decision?? Well its official and here it is... drum roll please....... Im moving to TAIWAN!!! Yep its true. I just got a job there teaching english for six months. I leave January and i will be back June! Man oh man, Im so excited for all the amazing things i will get to experience. I might even fly over to Thailand for a little side adventure and ride an elephant! Who knows?? Anyways im way excited and a lot a bit nervous. I sure dont like seafood and that is all they eat. and I dont speak chinese.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Smiley Face!

Last Tuesday my apartment was invited over for Taco Tuesday. We had so much fun and it was delish!! The boys in our ward are so nice and we loved hanging out with them. Anyways we brought unfried fried icecream for dessert. It was soooo good! Here it is:
The recipe is simple, just crush up some frosted flakes mix it with cinnamon, then cut your softened ice cream into the size you want. Roll your ice cream in your frosted flakes, sprinkle with more cinnamon, then drizzle them with chocolate, the recipe calls for honey instead of chocolate, but honestly chocolate is a much better idea! Next time I want to drizzle with caramel and chocolate! Mmm! Also today I made a giant decision that will effect my life. I'm way excited and once its all official there will be a post to inform all you curious people:) SMILEY FACE!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Grapes and Carrots

Today in Biology my professor passed around grapes and carrots for an object lesson. The kid next to me, who i must say was quite attractive takes a grape and starts to pass them to me then he looks at me and says "These are my grapes i grew them in my garden. will you pass them around and share them with the class?" I obviously knew he was kidding so i just went along with it. Then about a minute later the carrots came from the opposite direction. So as I pass them to this kid. I say " I grew these in my garden and i brought them to share." He looked at with a strange look and this was our conversation..
 "These are yours?"
"Yep, i got them from my garden."
"Oh, i was kidding those grapes weren't really mine."
" I know, these carrots aren't really mine"
"I'm so confused. OOOHH she passed around grapes and carrots??"
People around me got it and laughed but I still don't think he thought i was in the least bit clever.
I still find it hilarious so i just had to share. I hope you think its funny too!