Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No more Mario

After many weeks (maybe longer) of being so bored that I have resorted to playing the Wii most days and convincing my roommates to follow me down this dark path, I am please to say I am now happily employed. I start next week and I couldnt be more excited to get out of my apartment and start my new job!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bad Luck Please go Away

I havent blogged for  awhile but when you lived in Taiwan for six months everything seems dull and not worth blogging about. Not that anything exciting happened today but I feel like blogging about it. Here's how my day starts. Alarm goes off at 6:00, I decide to sleep till 6:30. Great now im in a rush to get to my 7:00 class on time. I get to class a little late only to find an empty classroom and a sign "In the computer lab today", ok I can handle that so I find the right computer lab and sit down at an empty computer.  At this point good luck seems to be on my side right?... False! My computer wont turn on, so I look around and watch as others who have the same problem try the rest of the empty computers. That computer lab was not having it, there were more students than working computers. So I do the logical thing and ask the girl next to me if I can look at her computer so I can still do the work. Here is how that went:
Teacher: Just share with someone next to you since all the computers arent working.
Me: Hey do you mind if I share your computer since mine isnt working?
Girl: Um maybe you should try a different computer.
Me: Are you kidding me? I just watched and there isnt another working computer. You dummy! (Alright I didnt really say this out loud but I was thinking it!)
What?? Ok. Whatever. I know I look like I just woke up but really you cant share your working computer? Its fine. I will find another partner. So I stand up and find another partner. As I do this the unwilling to share girl acts as if I was so rude to go find another partner. The teacher goes over to this girl and talks to her and then says " Hey she doesn have a partner so if anyone needs a computer to look off of."  This has got to be a joke. All I have to say is, out of control. This day is out of control.
My next class was boring to say the least but atleast I didnt have any problems. Then I walk all the way across campus for my third class, just to remember that class was in the Library. So I hiked all the way back across campus. Its only 10AM I hope this day gets better. Good luck please be on my side, and bad luck please go away.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

San Fran

This week I went to San Francisco to visit Madison! It had been way too long since I had seen her. She was kind enough to show me around the city.  

Oh just on the pier

Coit Tower

After 600 stairs we finally made it to Coit tower

The City

Fishermans Wharf. My first time trying fish and chips

If you act like a hobo you dont look like a tourist.

Cable Cars

So good to see one of my best friends again

Thursday, June 14, 2012


In less than one week I get to see my parents!! Woo I am so excited. Then its home sweet home. Dont get me wrong my six months in Taiwan has been amazing and I wouldnt change it for anything but Im ready to be back home with my friends and family, I'm ready to be able to control this hair of mine, I'm ready to eat BBQ nachos, I'm ready to have a dryer, and I'm ready to have my own pillow again.

Oh and as a goodbye present Taiwan has decided to send a Typoon our way tonight and tomorrow. Yay!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

One month from today I will be leaving Taiwan. A place that has infact "touched my heart". Where has time gone?


Over the weekend we got to go to Taipei..

We we finally able to go to the temple.

We went to the top of Taipei 101

I love this city!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was an explore Hualien kind of day.

Recently I have been obsessed with rice fields. I don't know why.

Such a cute old guy. I had to take a picture.

We even found ourselves in the middle of a gay parade.

I finally got a picture of the Buddhist University. I think it is such a beautiful building.

Vegetable pasta! Yum! They love Lima beans here and so do I: )
We ended our Saturday by attending a baptism of two investigators, and also helping the sisters teach. Then off to the night market for dumplings and cotton candy.

Each day after I am done teaching at the preschool, I tutor for a couple hours. I really love the kids I get to work with. One in particular that I am going to miss is this girl. Meet Rose.

Love her!

We have a lot of fun, can you tell?

Each week Rose brings us something to snack on while we are working

She is so silly.

Thanks to my Logan for providing us with treats for this week.
We always have so much fun, lots of treats and I promise we work a little bit too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day

This week we learned about moms and what better way to teach them about moms than to have them see what it would be like to be pregnant?  Mostly it was fun and they loved the "bubbles" aka balloons.

A pregnant boy riding a bike can be quite amusing to watch

How cute is this? Using her belly to rest her hands.

Also I miss and love my  Mom and I am sad I wasn't able to be home for Mothers Day. I guess there is always next year right?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Riding in the Rain

When you wake up at 5:19 in the morning you get to see the sunrise. However, you may be to tired to actually get out of bed to take a picture so you take a picture from your bedroom window. Good picture taking Ashley. Good One.

Sometimes you get caught riding your bike in the rain. It may not look like I am wet but I can assure you I am soaking wet. Oh how I love riding my bike in the rain.