Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bucket of Sand

A bucket full of sand landed on my head and then continued all down my back! Normally I wouldn't be very happy about it but the five year old boy who did it was so cute.... I just got a job at South Davis Community Hospital in their Child Care Center! Since it's at the hospital I had to do a ton of paper work, get my food handlers permit, and get CPR/First aid Certified!  I feel so professional! I have a cool little name tag and i got a free mug that i carry everywhere i go now!

I have only worked there one day but i already LOVE it! All the kids and infants are so adorable! The 3, 4, and 5 year old room is my favorite! They call me Miss Ashley. How cute is that?
They had only met me once when i went back to get my work schedule and i didnt think they would remember me. However when i walked in they all yelled "MISS ASHLEY!" They asked me to stay, but i couldn't so they all came and gave me hugs and as i left they said they missed me already and one girl blew me a kiss!! What sweethearts! They made my day and i cant wait to go to work again. This time I would prefer if i didn't get a bucket of sand dumped on my head.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Shuttle

The WSU shuttle is a very exciting place to be at 8:30 in the morning. I always have lots of "neat" people i get to see, sit by or my favorite ease drop. Not once has the shuttle failed to give me a story. Whether its the smell of eggs, a cat hair covered back pack, a conversation about who likes who more,(Yes in college i heard a couple(dating about 6 months) argue about who loved who more in high pitched baby voices..its OK though because they had just been through counseling. The first semester had been a rough time.) a person larger than the seat so then they end up on my lap, oh yes and my absolute cherished moment when there is about 15 seats open and someone decides to sit right next to me. LOVE that.
Anyways today was my last day of school for the summer. I'm am quite sad that i will not ever step on that shuttle again. Oh but did i mention I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER??? I'm so happy about it and in my human development class my professor told me that if you passed his class you were allowed to be a parent!! I passed here is the certificate to prove it!!
That's right! Parent Certified now i just need a husband!
   Yesterday Kasey proposed to Korin it was so cute!! I love it! I cant wait to have Korin as my sister in-law!!  I hope she realizes what she is getting her self into marrying into our family. Hopefully my blog  doesn't scare her off. Congrats you two!! I'm so excited for you!

When they are married they will have the same initials! I think its so cute!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

82. Beat Angry Birds

On April 9th at 11:03 AM I, Ashley Zwahlen finally beat Angry Birds!! I am so proud of myself. Thank you Rhylee for helping me reach my goals.