Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bucket of Sand

A bucket full of sand landed on my head and then continued all down my back! Normally I wouldn't be very happy about it but the five year old boy who did it was so cute.... I just got a job at South Davis Community Hospital in their Child Care Center! Since it's at the hospital I had to do a ton of paper work, get my food handlers permit, and get CPR/First aid Certified!  I feel so professional! I have a cool little name tag and i got a free mug that i carry everywhere i go now!

I have only worked there one day but i already LOVE it! All the kids and infants are so adorable! The 3, 4, and 5 year old room is my favorite! They call me Miss Ashley. How cute is that?
They had only met me once when i went back to get my work schedule and i didnt think they would remember me. However when i walked in they all yelled "MISS ASHLEY!" They asked me to stay, but i couldn't so they all came and gave me hugs and as i left they said they missed me already and one girl blew me a kiss!! What sweethearts! They made my day and i cant wait to go to work again. This time I would prefer if i didn't get a bucket of sand dumped on my head.

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