Sunday, April 29, 2012

Only two months left. How can I leave them?

Country Mothers

I keep thinking " I wish I had something to blog about." then I realized... I live in TAIWAN. I have so much I could blog about so here is my attempt to catch you guys up on what I have been up to for the last month.
First we live by Taroko National Park. It is so beautiful!! We are beyond lucky to be able to live so close. Kamille and I have been able to go a couple times now. The first time, the professor from the University we volunteer at took us. She drove us up and took us on a couple hikes. The second time Teacher Stephanie from the preschool took us with her family. It was so fun. We all rented bikes and we got to ride down, stopping whenever we wanted to go on suspension bridges, take pictures, or go on different hikes. If you ever come to Taroko, that is the way to do it. The people of Taiwan never fail to amaze me with how helpful and willing they are to help us have the best time.

Next off it is getting warm here.. No no let me rephrase that, it is getting HOT here! Yuling says "There are two seasons here. Summer and Winter." True. One day we are freezing cold, the next we are dying of heat! On the days it is hot, the bugs come out and they are not little bugs either. The other day Kamille and I saw a giant bug and the teachers were laughing at us because we thought it was so scary! We even have a lizard living in our kitchen that chirps like a bird! Neat huh?

See the Spider?

The cockroach looked a lot bigger in real life.
Two words. Country Mothers.
Thank you missionaries for telling us about this wonderful place where we can get American food!
Look how big this Parmesan chicken is!

So there you have it. Just a little on what I have been up to this last month!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

They may not celebrate Easter over here but they sure loved having an Easter egg hunt, who doesnt?

Half Way

When it is your three month anniversary of being in Taiwan, what better way to spend it than doing Taiwanese things like having breakfast with the sisters, attempting to help them teach, watching general conference, getting our daily plate of fried rice, going to "Mirror Mirror", and a quick game of bowling. Yep nothing says Taiwan more than our night.

Three months down, Three more to go. Happy Three Month Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last week we learned about superheroes in class. They made superhero masks, which turned out so cute I had to share. Also this week we have been talking about space and whenever I ask what is in space they yell "Superman".
"No superman isnt in space."
 "..but he can fly"  
"Oh well I guess he could be in space then."
Not quite what I was going for but atleast they are learning something right?