Monday, April 21, 2014

From OU to OSU‏

"When our days become dreary with low hovering clouds and our night become darker than a thousand midnight's, let us remember that God is able to make a way out of no way, and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows." Martin Luther King Jr. 

Hello Family and Friends, 

Life is so crazy, and busy all the time. It is wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. That is pretty much the definition of a mission. This last week we had exchanges with our sister training leaders and I was asking them for ideas about campus, and how we can make our time more effective on campus, and they told me that they could suggest me to do exchanges on OSU, since they have been working on OSU way longer than OU and they have a TON of success there. So next Monday till Wednesday I will be on OSU campus with those sisters, so that I can take what I learn and apply it to the OU campus. I am really excited, It is going to be such a good learning experience and I am also excited to use the things I learn on campus.It is going to be wonderful. 

We also had a ward Easter party. It was a lot of fun, They are mostly young families, or young couples, which is really weird but it was a lot of fun, Each table had a different color and then they had different games that we competed in as a table. They competition that Sister Tueller and I had to do was they "Bunny hop" we had to put on bunny ears and they hop in a pillow case across the gym and hand it to our next player. Wow can you imagine us doing this in skirts?? ha ha it was funny, but I think I really helps gain the trust of the members when they see us involved with the ward. So it was good. 

We found a couple investigators this week, they were both old men, I don't know what that means. I am hoping it isn't because we are two young girls. but I didn't get that impression so I don't think so, but One's name is Chris and he opened his door because he thought we were knocking on his door, but really we were at his neighbors looking. The Lord works in a mysterious way. We talked to him for a long time and he told us about his life and how he needs something. So I taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the doorstep and invited him to be baptized. He said, if he came to know it was true that he would. Um perfect!! Just what we need:) So I am excited to go back and teach him. The other man's wife is in the hospital, and he used to fly helicopters in the Vietnam war. He is pretty sweet. We talked to him for like 30 min. and when we were about to leave he put his arms around both of us and said "No you girls be careful out there, I don't know these people and what they are like, and i'm a hillbilly, If they mess with you they have to mess with me, and I will get a rock." ha i love old people they are the best. So no has to worry about us here in the plains we have the hillbilly's on our side.  

Easter was eventful, I gave a talk in sacrament on purity, sang in the ward choir and then we taught the ctr 5 class in primary. It was so much fun. Thanks to the Zwahlen family for their Easter egg lesson. We did that and they loved it. The kids kept saying such funny things. On girl kept saying "well that is awkward." ha ha she is five. and then one boy stuck out his hand like he wanted a high five and when the other boy gave him a high five he was like "NO, I was going to pat you on the back." so the boy turned around and let him pat him on the back. Oh kids say the greatest things. We had dinner with the Pack family and they had their granddaughters there so we got to hid easter eggs for them to find. I was over all a wonderful day topped off with
Cheesecake and Resurrection Rolls. Yum. Cant go wrong with that!! 

Well that was my week. I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week. 

Sister Zwahlen

We love our Duck Dynasty in Ohio!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Second Chance

Hey family and Friends, sorry about today. It was so stressful when We tried to use the computer and it was so slow and then it froze, and It deleted my whole email. Then it wouldn't get out of the page. The time I spent waiting, since I couldn't switch computers and sister Tueller was emailing on the other one. But anyways. The hour went by and I didn't have time to email anything else. Then I was in tears, because I was so frustrated that you weren't going to get an email this week. So we devised this plan for me to type it out on this alphasmart thing Sister Tueller has. Then send it to you later. So this week has been really busy, but good. We were able to do service for Mountian Man, we chopped wood for him. Yep that is right, I chopped wood. It might have been a wood chopping machine that you only have to push lever, but still. It was a lot of fun.
So I know I wrote the family about this but it was such a cool experience that I wanted to tell everyone else. So we wanting to find people to teach so we prayed and in our prayer we told Heavenly Father that we were going to be tracting in a specific place at a specific time, and that we wanted to find 2 people who would be receptive of our message. As we went to that place at that time, the first two doors we knocked on opened, and talked to us for a little bit, and we set up a return appointments with them. The rest of the night no one answered, or no one else was interested. It was a testimony builder of prayer. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, and the more specific we are the more specific answers we receive.
Also, thank you so much for all the prayer in Sister Tueller and my behalf. They have been much appreciated and they have helped so much. We were able to find 4 new people to teach this week, and they have so much potential. Besides the 4 we also have many many people who are potential investigators. So thank you.
One of our investigators name is Michelle, she is a young single mom, with two young kids. She is so awesome. We taught her the restoration, and I know that she is going to progress.
Another one of our investigators, which has just been someone the other sisters found but hadn't been working with (which you are about to find out why)Anyways, her name is Desiree, and she is an alcoholic, and she has liver disease and hep C. and she doesn't understand why she needs to stop drinking and smoking. Who knows. But OK so we went to go visit her with a member and she was telling us about how she had been throwing up blood all night but didn't want to go to the doctors. Needless to say, we took her to the Urgent care. She was wandering around the hospital, like a crazy person. She was going around taking pens and suckers from the receptionists, desks. Then she was chomping the suckers so loud. I almost couldn't handle it. Finally, she finishes, then she tells us she has to go to the bathroom, so she wanders off and a couple min. later she comes back with a bag of Frito's. “where did you get those?” I don't even know but it was a mess as she continued to come sit back down by us and start chomping her Frito's. THEN she starts to get impatient so she goes to ask the lady how long of a wait it is going to be. They lady told her that it would be a 3 hour wait. Desiree, was like uh uh. No way, I am not waiting that long. So she bolts it out of the hospital. We all look at each other like where did Desiree go? We ended up leaving and she never saw a doctor. Intoxicated you ask? I know it is a serious problem, but I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. She is so funny and crazy. I decided I like the crazy people.
Our area was finally split so we are going to start working on OU this next week. I am excited and nervous, It will just take some getting used to.
Sunday was our fast Sunday, and it was really nice to get to meet a lot of the members. I am not in Greenfield anymore that is for sure. There were so many people. It is going to be different being in a ward. There are a lot of families and young people. Which Greenfield has so few of. But I'm excited to work with all of them. Also I have to give a talk in church next week on purity. So that will be fun. I am actually kind of excited, which is different for me.
Well I guess that is my week. Sorry for the late email. I hope you all have a happy Easter. I love you all.
Sister Zwahlen

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter

So we have been on the computer for an hour, and my computer freaked out and so nothing saved. I had my big long email typed out, and now it isnt saved. So I am super frustrated. Im not going to have time to type it back out. I am sorry. I will just have to write you when I have time. I am too frustrated to retype it.
This week was good though and we found 4 people to teach so that is good. We are going to start working with them more and We are going to start working on OU, this up coming week so we will see how that goes.
I have to give a talk in church on easter on purity, so I have been working on that. I have a lot of ideas that I want to include in my talk so Im excited to see if I can put it all together into a 10 min talk.
Thanks for all the love and support. I am so sorry about this week and the email. I am so upset right now. Keep me in your prayers.

I love you,

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello family and Friends, 

I am now in the area of Athens!! I live in a place called the plains, they say it is the boonies,  but come on now, I just came from Greenfield so I know what the boonies are. I like it so far, but I have my work cut out for me. There have only been sisters here for 4 months and they haven't had any success so far. It is pretty much like opening an area since we are starting from square one, which is great. I am excited to get this area running. I know that the Lord trusts me with this area and that he knows I can help find people. It will be tough, but I am praying more than ever before so that is good, It is teaching me to be more reliant on my Heavenly Father. I am not in Greenfield anymore thats for sure, It is much different, there are young people, and I think they are pretty normal. Also there are wealthy areas here, which will be very different than I am used to. I have to relearn how to do the work, for this area. No worries though. Oh and guess what I am next to OU (ohio university, dont confuse it with OSU, they dont like that) but anyways, I will be working on campus. Strange. Working with people my own age. Its terrifying, but I am excited as well. OU has the rep.for being the party school. "The biggest party school in the Nation" ha so that will be fun to cry repentance. ha 

So now about my companion. My new companion is Sister Tueller, she is 21 and from Shelley, Idaho. She has been on her mission for a year now. We have been in the same zone before and we have been on exchanges with each other as well, so that will be good for us. She is a siliac and a diabetic, so I will have to stay away from my two favorite things "breads and sugars" ha ha it is ok, it will probably be much better for me to do any ways. I like her. We are going to do just fine together. 

It has been a crazy week this last week, packing was a pain. I cant fit everything I have acquired in my suitcases. So that was a problem, I just stuffed everything in a giant garbage sack. ha but it all worked out. Saying goodbye to the Greenfield members was sad, but I didnt cry. I know that I will see them again. Also I just have had such a peace about being transferred. I knew that it was supposed to happen. Normally I would have been nervous about the unknown, but I wasnt:)  I have been meeting some members and doing service, but unfortunately since conference was this weekend, i wasnt able to meet a lot of the members. Conference was wonderful. I am excited to go back and read through the talks again. I cant believe it is already over either. weird.

Oh yea, also please dont send any mail to the Greenfield Address, Send them to the mission office at 19 Clairedan Dr
     Powell, OH 43065
Or at my new apartment at:
36 Poston Rd
The Plains, OH 45780

My neighbors play their tv really loud at night time, so that is unfortunate, but no big deal once I am asleep it doesnt bother me, but sister tueller was telling me he watches scary movies often, ha that will be an adventure. but I guess that is all for right now. Please pray for Sister Tueller and I, we need all the prayers we can get for this area. They were thinking about pulling the sisters from the area, because of they havent had any success. I know that there are people here who are ready, and I know with much faith we can find, teach and baptize. Thank you so much for all the love, prayers and support. I love you all. 

Sister Zwahlen

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Family and Friends,
" There is joy guaranteed for the faithful." President Eyring.

WE just got transfer calls and I am being transferred. Ahh!! I cannot believe it! What am I going to do in my new area?? ha ha just kidding I am excited for a change!! I don't know where or who!! but I will let you know next week. Ahh this is wonderful!! I AM so ready to change!!
This last week and a half have been really slow, and fast all at the same time. Last Tuesday we went to see Ashley and she dropped us. lame. The best way to describe it is like when you brake up, but they still want to be friends, and then  you don't know how to act. Ha we say we have been "friend zoned" It is the worst. but no big deal, they have a lot going on in their life. So we are going to go back over Friday and see if we can keep coming over until they want to be baptized. We don't take no's for an answer.  Back to square one. Struggles of a mission. 
This last week Skyee (the less active, who came to the RS activity) called us and wanted us to go and teach the first vision. The spirit was so strong, it was amazing. She is so amazing and I so glad that I have been able to meet her.
Also we did a really fun Plan of Salvation lesson this week. We took yarn and created a path for each kid and along the way they had to collect the pieces to the Plan. We also had trials (nerf guns) that hit them along the path of our plan, at the end they all got a prize if they endured to the end and withstood the trials. It was a lot of fun and the kids really liked it.  
And someone gave me a sewing machine this week. What am I to do with it?? I am going to have to ship it home. People give me all sorts of things here. I am going to have so much by the time I come home. It is bad, but these people dont say no. another example.
We were knocking doors and It wasnt cold but the sun was starting to go down so it was getting colder. We started talking to an old man and woman, next thing I know the woman has left and come back with a jacket. she made me wear it. then she told me I had to keep it because it was her daughters that had died. uhh thank you. It was funny. It is way to big for me so I will probably re-gift it. 
Ok so also we were doing service this week and the lady told us to go and dump out this crock pot in the ally way by her house. So Im like ok no problem. false it was a problem, it was full of chicken innards and it smelt so bad. I started gaging in her house. Then I finally made it out side, but when I started dumping it out I was so gross looking I just gagged and gagged, I couldnt stop, I had to run away and sister love finished dumping it out. It was so disgusting. but looking back now, I think it is funny. Can you just imagine me?? I crack myself up. Im a nut! I probably shouldn't ever be out in public. ha 
The Womens broadcast was wonderful!! I am so excited for conference this weekend. It is going to be so good. We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles to lead and guide us. I love this gospel. I am grateful to all of you for all the love and support!! I hope you all have a great week!!

Love you all,
Sister Zwahlen