Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Family and Friends,
" There is joy guaranteed for the faithful." President Eyring.

WE just got transfer calls and I am being transferred. Ahh!! I cannot believe it! What am I going to do in my new area?? ha ha just kidding I am excited for a change!! I don't know where or who!! but I will let you know next week. Ahh this is wonderful!! I AM so ready to change!!
This last week and a half have been really slow, and fast all at the same time. Last Tuesday we went to see Ashley and she dropped us. lame. The best way to describe it is like when you brake up, but they still want to be friends, and then  you don't know how to act. Ha we say we have been "friend zoned" It is the worst. but no big deal, they have a lot going on in their life. So we are going to go back over Friday and see if we can keep coming over until they want to be baptized. We don't take no's for an answer.  Back to square one. Struggles of a mission. 
This last week Skyee (the less active, who came to the RS activity) called us and wanted us to go and teach the first vision. The spirit was so strong, it was amazing. She is so amazing and I so glad that I have been able to meet her.
Also we did a really fun Plan of Salvation lesson this week. We took yarn and created a path for each kid and along the way they had to collect the pieces to the Plan. We also had trials (nerf guns) that hit them along the path of our plan, at the end they all got a prize if they endured to the end and withstood the trials. It was a lot of fun and the kids really liked it.  
And someone gave me a sewing machine this week. What am I to do with it?? I am going to have to ship it home. People give me all sorts of things here. I am going to have so much by the time I come home. It is bad, but these people dont say no. another example.
We were knocking doors and It wasnt cold but the sun was starting to go down so it was getting colder. We started talking to an old man and woman, next thing I know the woman has left and come back with a jacket. she made me wear it. then she told me I had to keep it because it was her daughters that had died. uhh thank you. It was funny. It is way to big for me so I will probably re-gift it. 
Ok so also we were doing service this week and the lady told us to go and dump out this crock pot in the ally way by her house. So Im like ok no problem. false it was a problem, it was full of chicken innards and it smelt so bad. I started gaging in her house. Then I finally made it out side, but when I started dumping it out I was so gross looking I just gagged and gagged, I couldnt stop, I had to run away and sister love finished dumping it out. It was so disgusting. but looking back now, I think it is funny. Can you just imagine me?? I crack myself up. Im a nut! I probably shouldn't ever be out in public. ha 
The Womens broadcast was wonderful!! I am so excited for conference this weekend. It is going to be so good. We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles to lead and guide us. I love this gospel. I am grateful to all of you for all the love and support!! I hope you all have a great week!!

Love you all,
Sister Zwahlen 

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