Monday, March 24, 2014

I tied a little girl to her chair..during sacrament:(‏

"The best path for healing is to understand and accept that darkness exists, but not to dwell there." -President Uchtdorf "The light of Gods Love" Lets be honest, there is darkness everywhere, It is easy to get caught in it, and also feel that the darkness outweighs the light. However, we know that light always out weighs the darkness. The amazing thing about us as members is that we carry that light. I hope you all decide to share that light with others and lead them out of the darkness they are in. You will be such a blessing to them, in so many ways you wont even know.
This week has been really crazy. We had exchanges with our sister training leaders and then the next day we got to go to the TEMPLE!! Yay it was awesome, as we were waiting at the temple a  temple worker came up to us and asked if any of us were Sister Zwahlen. Uh, I am. So then I panicked and  asked if I was in trouble. He laugh and said no, I just wanted to come and meet my cousin. I guess,a Zwahlen from Ferrin, Utah went on their mission and converted his family, helped them immigrate to Utah and then somewhere along the line they got married or something. My memory is gone. but don't worry I have a sister writing the story down so that I can remember and share it with you all in more detail. It is crazy to see what a small world it is. Also Where did Great Grandma Chapman Serve her mission?? 

Also during sacrament meeting this last week, I was sitting behind this girl named Sarah, and I tied her dress to the chair, just joking, but then she didn't know and stood up and dragged the chair with her, then it was really noisy and Sister Love busted up laughing. Oh man I thought I might die. I was so embarrassed I had done that. Then her mom turned around laughing and was like "did you just tie my daughter the chair. Umm maybe. ha ha anyways, it was a time of weakness, I spent the rest of sacrament meeting repenting. and then I apologized to her. she wasn't even mad she thought it was funny and so did her family, but for future reference, that is not ok to do. 

We were home for lunch on Saturday and we had someone knock on our door, it was the Jehovah Witness'. How Ironic. I think he almost died when he realized we were Mormon missionaries. It was funny, anyways he invited us to a FREE bible study. We just laughed, sir we study the bible for free everyday. but he is just spreading the good word. I liked it, I wish we would have been able to talk to him more.
Oh yea and just so everyone knows I got transferred to Hawaii..(see picture) We found the beach:) 
Well I love you all!! A Big thanks to the Beehives for their testimonies and the Book of Mormons, Also to the Zwahlen Family for the package and all the letters I got this week. I love you all!! You are the best. 
Sister Zwahlen

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