Monday, March 10, 2014


Family and Friends,

"Love is the way of the disciple" - Elder Utchdorf "The Love of God" This is an amazing talk!! Read it if you have time. I love this. Love is where it is at. If you love God, everything else falls into place, and you will feel the love of our Heavenly Father I promise you that!!

This week we have been sharing the mormon message "mountains to climb" that comes from the talk by Elder Eyring.. Please look it up and watch the movie and read the talk, It is so powerful, and the greatest thing is that it relates to everyone. We all have trials and our own "mountains" to climb.

Sister Z, Alma, Sister Love
Anyways this week was amazing!! Alma was baptized and confirmed this last weekend. I feel that I have been a slacker at telling you about Alma, so this may come as a shock to all of you, but anyways, we have been teaching Alma since November, She is 19 and she is amazing. We taught her the word of wisdom, she stopped smoking right then. We taught her the law of Chastity and she kicked her boyfriend out of her house the next day.

Sister Zwahlen, Alma, Jimmy, Sister Love
We taught her about the Book of Mormon, she has been reading everyday since. She is just so faithful, I am so impressed with her willingness to keep any of the commandments, even when she might not understand them, she just knows that they are important so she lives them!! It was exciting to see her baptized. It was even better because Jimmy our Recent Convert got to baptize her(which is the first time he has got to use the priesthood) It was so great! He had to do it three times though because he kept saying everything correct but he wouldn't say amen at the end. ha it was funny. Everyone was shouting, "Say Amen" Anyways it wasn't the most reverent of baptisms, but it was still special and the spirit was there!! 

Sister Z, Alma, Sister Love
Ashley, AJ and Kayley are doing amazing!! Ashley bore her testimony of how the Book of Mormon brings her joy and how she knows that it is true! We are so excited for them. The Girls are so smart too. Briana is 7 and she is so mad that she doesnt get to be baptized, she kept saying "couldnt I just get baptized a little bit early, I am almost 8" Which is true she turns 8 in July, but this way her dad will get to baptize her by then. We taught Kayley and Briana this last week and it could have gone on for hours they have so many questions and they want to tell us everything they have been reading in the Book of Mormon!! Ahh they are so cool!! They are on date to be baptized for the 29th of March!
We have been really busy lately and it is wonderful! They weather here is so nice! I am loving it! I cannot wait until it is spring!! I am so excited to get to go to the temple this next week. They havent told us whether or not it will be our p-day on tuesday or monday, so just know that if you dont get an email on monday it will be coming on tuesday!!
I guess that is about it for this week. I love you all!! Is Raleigh, really getting his mission call soon?? Ok I am so thrilled!! Email me as soon as he knows where he is going, or even better would be if you could get him to email me, where he is going (hint hint)
Anyway, Have a great week, Go out and find someone to refer to the missionaries.

Love always,
Sister Zwahlen

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