Monday, March 17, 2014

Death...its part of the plan!!

Family and Friends,
"Love is the way of the Disciple" -President Uchtdorf "The Love of God" This is an amazing talk. Everyone should look it up. I might be a little obsessed with talks right now!! If you look at the life of Christ, everything is done out of love, I am trying to be better at turning outward and not being selfish, but its hard, oh well such is life. 

Hello!! How are all of you doing?? First of all I am so excited for Raleigh! He is going to do amazing things!!  Second of all Sister Love and I have had an amazing week, full of rejections but like they say the good always out weighs the bad.
So this week we had every single appointment cancel on us each day with in a matter of an hour. Thursday we had 4 appointments cancel (which is all the appointments we had)
 And then Friday, with in 15 min we had two people cancel(our only 2 appointments that day) because of deaths in the family!! It has been crazy we keep telling people not to set up appointments with us because someone in their family will probably have a serious accident or someone will die. So that is unfortunate. It is sad, but part of the plan.
However this week, I had the most amazing experience this week. It was such a spiritually experience that typing it out to you will make me cry, but reading it will never do justice. On Sunday we were able to get in to see a 23 year old Less Active member, She hasnt come to church in 2 years. She let us right in and we talked to her for a really long time. It was great, I left loving this girl, and everyone in the branch loves her too. They always talk about her and how she was going to serve a mission and she was the "light" in the branch! Anyways, She called us a couple days later and we invited her to the Relief Society activity that night and she said maybe she would come but she wouldn't make any promises. (that means no, to a missionary) BUT she came!! The sisters in the branch all ran to her and embraced her, the spirit in the room was amazing, and everyone was in tears!! It was a prodigal son experience. Ok so that was amazing but as I was sitting there listening to our speaker, I had the distinct feeling of love and I KNOW that is how our savior is. He is always there with his arms reached out in love and mercy, to all those who come back. I, Sister Ashley Zwahlen get to be a part of that. I get to help bring those people back to our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ. I have never felt so much love in my life. I felt as though it was a glimpse of what it will be like for us when we are reunited with our loved ones. and how it will be when we are able to run up to our Savior and embrace him and share our love for him!  This is why I am here. This is why I was called to Ohio. This is why I am still in Greenfield. How great is my calling. I am blessed everyday, I am miracles around me everyday.
Anyways, that will never do justice to how I felt and the promptings I felt and maybe that is how it is supposed to be. This was as personal experience, but something that all of us can experience if we desire. Ok so that was last week. It was and is probably a turning point for me on my mission. Ahh I am so excited to see what the next year had in store for me.
On Thursday is when we get to attend the temple!! Yay! and we have exchanges with our sister Training leaders on Wednesday. We are going to have another busy week!! I love you all, have a great week.

Sister Zwahlen
P.S. It is getting scary how much Sister Love and I are becoming alike, we even got matching pajamas:) 

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