Monday, March 3, 2014

Word of Wisdom‏

Hello family and friends,

This week has been amazing, We taught Ashley the Word of Wisdom, and when we asked her to live it she told us that after the first time we met her that she looked up on the computer what we believed and she gave away her tea and hadn't drank it since. Bingo, an investigator that lives the standards without us having to do a thing. That is what we call a dry Mormon, "just add water". We are so excited for her and her family. I got to put some of my teacher skills to use this week as I made a Restoration fishing game and a word of wisdom fishing game to teach 8 year old Kayley. I really and so grateful for how we were led to Ashley and her family, I am looking forward to their baptism on March 29th. 

This week we also had Sister Specialized training, which was amazing like always. It was really fun to see all the sisters that I have gotten to know while I have been here.We also had a training on using Mormon Messages in all of our member lessons and with our investigators, I guess this mission is starting to catch the technology wave. NoOOO ha I am enjoying a life away from technology, but it has been so successful and It is amazing to help further the work. . and we had Our Sister Training Leaders here on exchange, so that is always fun. I love getting to have other sisters in our area. I always learn so much.

I dont know what is wrong with me this week but I have been in the middle of my sentence and my mind just goes blank and so then I have to say, darn, I forgot what I was saying. It is bad it happened like 5 times this last week. It doesnt surprise my memory has been gone for years now, but now its getting worse. ha it is kind of funny though and I think because I just laugh about it, it just makes people think im crazy, which is fine, I dont mind. 

Speaking of Crazy, Freddy, he really is crazy, he called us like 12 times yesterday and left a voice message everytime. We were in peoples homes so we couldnt answer, he was freaking out and told us that maybe he was just going to go back to his old way of life if he couldnt get ahold of us. ahh that is frustrating, Its ok maybe he just isnt preparted. 

Anyways it has been a great week!! I love you all. 

Love Sister Zwahlen
The Murphy Family

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