Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Second Chance

Hey family and Friends, sorry about today. It was so stressful when We tried to use the computer and it was so slow and then it froze, and It deleted my whole email. Then it wouldn't get out of the page. The time I spent waiting, since I couldn't switch computers and sister Tueller was emailing on the other one. But anyways. The hour went by and I didn't have time to email anything else. Then I was in tears, because I was so frustrated that you weren't going to get an email this week. So we devised this plan for me to type it out on this alphasmart thing Sister Tueller has. Then send it to you later. So this week has been really busy, but good. We were able to do service for Mountian Man, we chopped wood for him. Yep that is right, I chopped wood. It might have been a wood chopping machine that you only have to push lever, but still. It was a lot of fun.
So I know I wrote the family about this but it was such a cool experience that I wanted to tell everyone else. So we wanting to find people to teach so we prayed and in our prayer we told Heavenly Father that we were going to be tracting in a specific place at a specific time, and that we wanted to find 2 people who would be receptive of our message. As we went to that place at that time, the first two doors we knocked on opened, and talked to us for a little bit, and we set up a return appointments with them. The rest of the night no one answered, or no one else was interested. It was a testimony builder of prayer. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, and the more specific we are the more specific answers we receive.
Also, thank you so much for all the prayer in Sister Tueller and my behalf. They have been much appreciated and they have helped so much. We were able to find 4 new people to teach this week, and they have so much potential. Besides the 4 we also have many many people who are potential investigators. So thank you.
One of our investigators name is Michelle, she is a young single mom, with two young kids. She is so awesome. We taught her the restoration, and I know that she is going to progress.
Another one of our investigators, which has just been someone the other sisters found but hadn't been working with (which you are about to find out why)Anyways, her name is Desiree, and she is an alcoholic, and she has liver disease and hep C. and she doesn't understand why she needs to stop drinking and smoking. Who knows. But OK so we went to go visit her with a member and she was telling us about how she had been throwing up blood all night but didn't want to go to the doctors. Needless to say, we took her to the Urgent care. She was wandering around the hospital, like a crazy person. She was going around taking pens and suckers from the receptionists, desks. Then she was chomping the suckers so loud. I almost couldn't handle it. Finally, she finishes, then she tells us she has to go to the bathroom, so she wanders off and a couple min. later she comes back with a bag of Frito's. “where did you get those?” I don't even know but it was a mess as she continued to come sit back down by us and start chomping her Frito's. THEN she starts to get impatient so she goes to ask the lady how long of a wait it is going to be. They lady told her that it would be a 3 hour wait. Desiree, was like uh uh. No way, I am not waiting that long. So she bolts it out of the hospital. We all look at each other like where did Desiree go? We ended up leaving and she never saw a doctor. Intoxicated you ask? I know it is a serious problem, but I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. She is so funny and crazy. I decided I like the crazy people.
Our area was finally split so we are going to start working on OU this next week. I am excited and nervous, It will just take some getting used to.
Sunday was our fast Sunday, and it was really nice to get to meet a lot of the members. I am not in Greenfield anymore that is for sure. There were so many people. It is going to be different being in a ward. There are a lot of families and young people. Which Greenfield has so few of. But I'm excited to work with all of them. Also I have to give a talk in church next week on purity. So that will be fun. I am actually kind of excited, which is different for me.
Well I guess that is my week. Sorry for the late email. I hope you all have a happy Easter. I love you all.
Sister Zwahlen

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