Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was an explore Hualien kind of day.

Recently I have been obsessed with rice fields. I don't know why.

Such a cute old guy. I had to take a picture.

We even found ourselves in the middle of a gay parade.

I finally got a picture of the Buddhist University. I think it is such a beautiful building.

Vegetable pasta! Yum! They love Lima beans here and so do I: )
We ended our Saturday by attending a baptism of two investigators, and also helping the sisters teach. Then off to the night market for dumplings and cotton candy.

Each day after I am done teaching at the preschool, I tutor for a couple hours. I really love the kids I get to work with. One in particular that I am going to miss is this girl. Meet Rose.

Love her!

We have a lot of fun, can you tell?

Each week Rose brings us something to snack on while we are working

She is so silly.

Thanks to my Logan for providing us with treats for this week.
We always have so much fun, lots of treats and I promise we work a little bit too!

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