Friday, September 30, 2011

The weird kid.

I have a lot of random thoughts today..
       *I fell asleep on my couch last night. Its not the right size for a person of my height to sleep on! I had just told Jamie and Careissa that I never fall asleep during movies. False, apparently i do now, and I'm feeling the consequences today!
       *Have you ever gotten stuck with the weird person of the class when the teacher tells you to find a partner?? Welcome to my life. EVERYDAY! Maybe I'm the weird one that others get stuck with, but I'm pretty sure these people I get partnered up with are the weird ones!!
      * UVU makes you wear a uniform shirt if you take a gym class here. They are always warm when i put it on. It freaks me out!
      *I'm trying to sell my apartment contract. I have two people coming to look at it today! YAY! Hopefully i can sell it.
      *Last of all, Lacey and Eric  got married yesterday and it was beautiful! I love them!!

Adorable ice cream sunday toppings bar

My Grandpa's Car

Love her!!


Cookies on a stick

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  1. Ashley. You'll die.
    The rest of the blog is funny enough to kill a clan of Polynesians, but it is also vulgar enough to do so.
    This one is not. However, if you choose to read more, read more.