Friday, September 9, 2011

Grapes and Carrots

Today in Biology my professor passed around grapes and carrots for an object lesson. The kid next to me, who i must say was quite attractive takes a grape and starts to pass them to me then he looks at me and says "These are my grapes i grew them in my garden. will you pass them around and share them with the class?" I obviously knew he was kidding so i just went along with it. Then about a minute later the carrots came from the opposite direction. So as I pass them to this kid. I say " I grew these in my garden and i brought them to share." He looked at with a strange look and this was our conversation..
 "These are yours?"
"Yep, i got them from my garden."
"Oh, i was kidding those grapes weren't really mine."
" I know, these carrots aren't really mine"
"I'm so confused. OOOHH she passed around grapes and carrots??"
People around me got it and laughed but I still don't think he thought i was in the least bit clever.
I still find it hilarious so i just had to share. I hope you think its funny too!

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