Friday, August 26, 2011

A Very Unhappy Valley

I have no idea where everyone is but i haven't seen any life for three days now! Ok that is an exaggeration but i have been in my new apartment all by myself for three days. All my roommates brought their stuff and then none of them stayed here. Since school hasn't started and i get lost or stuck in traffic whenever i try and go somewhere, I decided to just stay in my apartment all day. Let me tell you I am so bored of talking to myself! I call my mom every hour just to update her on how i have sat on my bed looking at the ceiling. Its bad, really bad! Luckily right before i went insane i went to UVU with Madison and we attempted to find all of our classes but like i said earlier i get lost every time i leave my apartment so we got lost a couple times. Student and Teachers just watched us and laughed. "Hey thanks for helping us out... we OBVIOUSLY are new here.. but don't worry we will get it!" and we did we figured it out but i would have been nice if someone would have helped us out. Basically I'm just whining but if things don't start to get better its going to be a very unhappy valley.

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