Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Single Girls Can Craft Too!!

Sometimes, life gets busy and blogging is one of the last things to do on your list! Also sometimes that person is me! Where did July even go?? I have been so busy with work, church and vacationing! Don't get me wrong i love being busy but it can get stressful! Anyways i got a calling in my singles ward and I'm on the  activities committee! I'm specifically in charge of FHE with two others! I love it! I have an amazing committee and we put so much work into making sure FHE goes well, So far so good! I'm constantly trying to come up with fun ideas of things we can do! If you guys have any fun ideas PLEASE feel free to let me know!! Also if you have any fun overnight ideas for my ward you could share those too!!

Alright to explain some of the pictures below...Every 24th of July my dads side of the family goes to my Grandmas cabin and we celebrate!! However we are a little bit extreme to say the least! We always have a different theme for each year and then individual families put on skits, We have parades, costumes and our own outdoor movie on the barn door!! We are spoiled and its fun! Crazy is another word i would use to describe it! This years theme was pow wow. How many people can you say celebrated the 24th pow wow style?? Probably not many! The rest of the pictures are from our Lake Powell Trip, Enjoy!

Married Girls with blogs always do all these cute craft projects for their homes. To say the least I'm a bit jealous!! So look what i made!! Its a cute little earring holder:) My mom, Marissa, Korin and I, all made cute individual ones for each of my Zwahlen cousins for their summer birthdays! Before i made this i just had my earrings in a box and i would only wear a couple pairs because im lazy and i didnt want to search for any others! Problem solved! I'm quite proud!! Yep that's right single girls can craft too!
I might have too many earrings..
Yep we are a little bit strange... Oh well!!

Hole in the Rock

The Group at Rainbow Bridge

We may or may not have been making up our own tube dance!!

The Black Pearl

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  1. That is so cute! I heard all about this crazy pow wow party.. You guys are awesome and I'm jealous. (And I didn't know you have a blog, but now I do.)