Friday, August 23, 2013

Wet Cement

First, lets say that every single person in my district received mail today, but not me. Not a single letter. Don't worry, I was sure I would have an email from someone... Nope not a single. Moral of the story, people should write me:)  So as you can tell my p-day is Friday, but I only have a half day today. The MTC is wonderful I am loving everything about it so far, I sit a lot but I am learning tons. On our first day we had 3 investigators, and as a group of about 100 we were to teach. It was great. I learned lots. Mostly that we need to really get to know those that we will teach, and try and look at them the way our Heavenly Father can see them. Its amazing when you try to see everyone that way. You experience a lot of love for someone you have only known for 5 min. My companion is Sister Woodward. She is from Kearns, and headed to the San Antonio, Texas Mission. Its a little sad because she is the only sister in our district headed to Texas, All the other sisters are headed to good old Ohio, Columbus Mission. I am very grateful that I have Sister Woodward. She is amazing. I learn so much with her and we work so well as a companionship. Neat story. Sister Woodward was supposed to leave for her mission in April because a week before she was to report she fell off a horse and broke her back. I know that this sounds sad, but I'm so grateful she did. I know that she was meant to be my companion. So if that meant delaying her mission 4 months. It had to happen:) Maybe I should just say nothing is by accident. There are 6 sisters and 6 elders in my district. Sister Woodward and I are the oldest missionaries in our zone at our old age of a whopping 22 years, but we enjoy it and all 6 of us sisters are in the same room. (sister Anderson, Sister Burningham, Sister Daupin, and Sister Harper.   Its kind of fun. We all really get along great. None of us are the same and it works because we all balance each other out.  My classes are great I have an amazing teacher Sister Kline and she is so sweet and really works hard. Ok so let me explain the the subject of my email now. So for gym time, Sister Woodward and I went up to the field, and as we were walking to the field I may or may not have stepped in wet cement, in front of the workers. They all just laughed at me and it was a little embarrassing. I think its all said and done, but when I return the worker told me I had to pay for my foot print. ha ha I ran away. Just kidding. I'm pretty sure he was just joking with me. but now I learned not to walk around cones and workers because there may be a reason they are there. The food is great. I have liked everything. Its not the best but I'm not going to complain I get filled and I'm happy.  Although yesterday one of the options was "cod nuggets".. Ewwwwwwwwww I stayed clear of that line. I will not eat something with the knowledge that it is called a Cod nugget. Also in the showers if anyone starts singing everyone joins in. Its creepy. I don't like that.  Well lots has happened here but I cant remember all of it. Its kind of cool I feel like I have been here for at least a week. Its like time is slowed down here so that we have all that time to study and learn what we need to. Its like a blessing in disguise.  Well that's all for now. I don't have a lot of time to email today. Love you all. I'm great and I love it here. 

Sister Zwahlen

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