Thursday, February 24, 2011

All i wanted was a centered name!!

Here it goes my first blog. I hated it. Everything about making the perfect blog was WAY too hard. All I wanted was a cute background and a centered name.I struggled with both. Finally after a couple hours (Thanks to the Internet and nitecruzer) I at least i had a centered name and  I was somewhat  pleased. However the most dreadful part of all was soon to come...posting! I thought "I am a Freak" anything i say about myself is sure to scare off my one follower. I could say that get annoyed with sounds, that my personal bubble is probably the size of the moon, and my dear sweet roommates have a list of things i hate which goes on for miles. Or i could say how I love to ease drop and facebook stalk most everyone. I could tell you about how I'm constantly cleaning and cooking at my apartment and how Rachel thinks that i am the maid and not actually her roommate.  Or maybe i should just keep it simple and tell you that i now love my blog but most of all i LOVE how my name is centered!

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