Monday, May 30, 2011

Everybody Hurts Just a Little Too Much!

Rhylee, Rachel, and I went on a ROAD TRIP to St. George!! We had so much fun!!  We left Thursday morning and the drive down was very rainy we almost died about fifty times poor Rachel had to drive in it past all the big semi- trucks! The further south you get the more creative people get when they name restaurants! A couple we saw that we thought were the most clever were. "Mexican Food" and "Chinese Food". Yes they actually named their restaurants that! Also we saw a Zebra!!!! It was awesome, but it was raining to hard to get out and take a picture not to mention Rhylee was about to pee her pants. Finally we arrived in St. George!! After we got unpacked we went shopping for all of our groceries and then Rhylee made delicious tacos. Since it was Rhylees birthday the day before we attempted to got to Orange Peel but it was closed at 8:30!! Can you believe it?? We couldn't. Everything was closed so early!! So instead we went to the movies and saw "Something Borrowed".

The rest of the trip we layed out by the pool! The weather was perfect there!! Rachel and Rhylee fried because they didn't listen to me when i told them to put sunscreen on!! Trust me i have been sun burnt enough in my life to know that i always need sunscreen!!! Also we hiked the narrows, biked in the pouring rain. Tried to catch bunnies, swam, we rode in a convertable, went to sand hollow, watched the Justin Bieber movie, She's the Man and Definitely, Maybe. Also we went to the park, and at nights we would drive around St. George blasting our theme songs for the trip!!  Our theme songs were " A little to much"- Natasha Bedingfield and "E.T"-Katy Perry feat. Kanye! Don't ask me why those became our theme songs but they did and we listened to each one about one million times!! Oh yea while we were there we did baptisms at the St. George temple!! Another Utah temple crossed off our list:)

Now i know you guys are thinking WOW they probably had the best road trip in the world, which we did but we also had a lot of embarrassing moments (Rachel and Rhylee know what I'm talking about) and we learned a lot also!! We fixed a bike tire and we even BBQ ed our own hamburgers( we worried a little when flames started coming out of the lid but other than that we mastered our BBQ Talents while managing to not burn down the condos) Like Rhylee says.. "Real girls BBQ"

Sara we missed you so much and we are so sad you couldn't come but we will plan another one some time hopefully!! Overall we had the best time, and we wished we could have stayed longer We are still talking and laughing about everything that happened!

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  1. Oh my. LOVE THIS! Hahaha! I literally laughed out loud exactly 3 times [1. restaurant names 2.Rhylee almost peeing her pants and 3. embarassing moments]. Then I laughed in my head through the whole thing. Hehe. This needs to happen again!