Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stung by a Bee‏

"Life is Beautiful and worth living. Wind, storm, and prevailing currents may tempt us to drift into dangers seen or unseen, but the gospel message and its divine power will keep us on our path back to the safe harbor of our Heavenly Father." Pres. Utchdorf in the April 2014 Ensign. I love the first part. Life is Beautiful and worth living. I have come to be so grateful for everything in my life. What a blessing it is. Heavenly Fathers plan for me and each of us IS beautiful and so worth living. What a act of love to send us here to earth to live this life. I hope each of you this week will be more aware of the little, amazing, and beautiful things that fill our days. It is beginning to look like spring here and it is so beautiful!! I love it! 

Ok so this last week and a half have been so hectic! We have been so busy with so much!! We had a training last week, President and Sister Nilsen, Called and emergency "intervention". It was a tighten all areas and do better. He challenged us to all find one person everyday! (that is what the picture was from mom) It is a challenge but we had an amazing experience this week. We were able to Meet this man named Marv and a woman named Tauna, who has two boys 11 and 13 I think. Anyways they just got it. We taught the restoration, extended baptism, They said yes and they are excited to learn more. We are hopefully are meeting with them tonight and giving them a chapel tour. We also have a Book of Mormon class on Thursday nights that they will hopefully come to! I am so excited to teach them. There are also a couple other people in the household who seemed interested. it is like a gold mine in there!  We also met this woman named Carrie, who has 3 boys 16, 14, and 12. We talked to her and she sees the need for change. She said yes to baptism extension too!! I have high hope and faith that these people are all going to work out!! 

We were at a part-members this week and we were talking to them and all of the sudden I had this sharp pain on my foot, mainly because I stepped on A yellow jacket. It hurt so bad and I hollered like a baby, embarrassing, but anyways the woman got me ice and put meat tenderizer on my foot. It was strange I thought they were fixing to eat me. but surprising it worked and took the sting away. but my foot became swollen  and all my toes turned a scary purple color and then black. I thought my foot was going to fall off. So that was a fun experience. Don't worry they regained color and they swelling went away but that was fun I suppose. 

Also monday I was sick and we went to OSU for training. It was so crazy and the sisters that are on OSU were confused and really we anything done monday night and then they had interviews in the morning tuesday and we had them in the afternoon. So we werent with them all day. However in the evening, I got to see my first bar crawl. I have never seen so many drunk students walking down the street. we all compared it to Lehi's dream. It really was like that. We were on one side of the street and on the other side they were partying and loud music, and loud laughter.. Even people running into garbage cans. Then there was a great and spacious building. It was exciting. We took pictures so we could always remember, but it really puts it into perspective of the Book of Mormon Prophets, who call people to repentance. How scary that would have been to stand on wall and tell these people that they need to repent. I am so sure if we would have done that we would have had beer thrown or spat on us. they would have cursed us out and all sort of things.I have a new perspective on how much courage that would have taken.

I did learn a lot about contacting on a campus.and I have this new fire to go out and do the work! I am excited to start working with the students. There is so much potential! Sorry I didn't get to email till today. It was our temple day. Which is awesome because I got to go with my last zone before transfers and then my current zone hadn't got yet so I got to go again. I was blessed. It was so nice I love the temple.  Well I love you all. I cant think of what else has happened. I know that something has but I cant remember right now. 
I hope you all have a great week!! 

Love Sister Zwahlen

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