Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!‏

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also hope that you have seen "He is the Gift" if you havent you need to. Visit watch the video and then SHARE it! This is huge! I dont think you understand. It is going to be a huge initiative that the church is doing to share the importance of the Christmas season! Ok im off my soap box now! but seriously do this!
Well this week, has gone by so fast. I have no idea what even happened so sorry this will be a short email. Thanksgiving was really good. We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the Moarefdoust Family. They are great. We were able to have dinner with them and then to play some games with them. It was really fun the dad is from Iran so he wrote our names in Arabic. that was really cool also. Over all it was nothing out of the ordinary. but overall it was a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful for. We were introduced to the "He is the Gift" video on Wednesday at a specialized training so It was a perfect transition into the holiday season. 

Oh while I am thinking about it, It is transfers next week!! Can you believe how fast that went?? Me either. and Friday I had an extremely good mail day.. Thanks to the Mcquivey and King Families for the packages. And thanks to all the letters I got. I was so surprised to get so much mail ha

Well i love you all, sorry for such a short email this week!! Have a good one.
Sister Zwahlen

Here is some pictures  Thanksgiving with the Moarefdousts, Sister Burningham and I at Thanksgiving and Zwahlen in Arabic 

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