Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!!‏

I cannot believe the 2015 is right around the corner!! That is so weird to me! I remember last year thinking. "man 2015 seems so far away.. it will never come" and looky looky its here!! 

"Look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future." -Elder Holland

This past week has been really good. I mean you cant complain when you have had a Christmas something everyday in the week!! That has been a blessing. It was wonderful to see the family!! It was also weird, I always kind of think its awkward. I never know what to say. but It is worth the awkwardness to see you all!! Christmas eve this year was kind of an uneventful one. We had a dinner appointment with a couple in our ward.. ha it was a night full of talking about financial planning and I dont even know what else. ha it was awkward. The food was really good though. Sister Burningham and I kind of went into a depression after dinner because we didnt have anywhere to go, so it was depressing but it all worked out. When we got home we watch the church video "Noras gift". It made us feel better ha. 
Christmas was good. We got to skype and open presents!! Thank you so much for all of you who sent Christmas memories. They were a perfect start to my Christmas day! I really appreciate you taking the time to write them down. 
Later Christmas day we had dinner with a member and after that we had dessert with several other families(they were all at one place) That was really fun. We also stopped by to see one of our investigators. She wasnt home but her mom was. she let us right in and it was a really neat experience where we were able to talk about our Savior and how we can overcome all of our challenges through him. It was such a blessing to bring that Christmas spirit. I love when we get to have experiences like that they make everything right and happy!! 
The rest of the week was filled with Exchanges with some sisters. Those are always so fun to work with other sisters! We are working with a man named Tek, He is awesome and he is reading the Book of Mormon. He wanted to come to church but his son threw a fit and didnt want to come so he didnt get to come. next week. Also we were working with an 18 year old boy. We thought the lesson was going really well. We read Alma 17 with him when Ammon cuts off all the arms of the lamanites. We prayed and got ready to go and as we were leaving he says "you girls are really pretty.." So we ignored him and acted like we didnt hear him. So he is like " did you hear me you girls are really pretty.. Did you know that?" ha Sister Burningham says " Yes we know that, see you later" Darn we hate when that happens. Because then we dont get to teach them. but hey thats life. 

Us at church With Mariah(a member)
Well I guess that is about it this week!! Something that was said in Sacrament meeting this past Sunday was making our Resolutions the difference between want and will. I hope we all can make goals that we are going to do and not just that we want. 

Love you all!! (are you ready for the classic new years joke? I cant tell you how many times we have heard this one already..wait for it...) See you next year! ha ha (get it?? because its the new year..its supposedly the most funny joke this week)  

Sister Zwahlen

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