Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Welcome to the City‏

Hello family and Friends,
"Believe in Miracles, hope is never lost." -Elder Holland There can be miracles if you believe.
Greetings from the suburb of Columbus. I am in a place called Westerville My new companion is Sister Burningham! Fun fact Sister Burningham and I were in the MTC together and roommates as well. We always talked about how fun it would be to be companions, but never actually thought it would happen. Then they called our names at transfers and we both about died of shock! Weird! The most surprising part though was that we were doubled in! So neither of us know the area. The Lord must really have some trust in us ha I have loved every moment so far! We panicked for a little bit but once we hit the ground running it has been wonderful! The last 4 days has been so busy with meeting the members and our investigators that we dont know ha. 
Our most progressing investigators name is Steven, he is from Vietnam and he is going to be baptized on November 15th. Also he has a thick Vietnamese accent and talks really fast so we dont really understand him.. Yet. ha it is fun. but he tells us about how he has dreams to answer his prayers. He is awesome. We basically text him throughout the day to teach him because he does better being able to read and then respond to our text and we understand him better that week! 
We also met our investigator named Nikki who already has a giant display of inflatable Christmas decorations in front of her house. I mean we are talking at least 15! It is only November! then she told us that she had 3 pet skunks and a pet raccoon and told us that we could hold him at our appointment on Tuesday ha 
We also had such a great lesson with an investigator that we found while contacting the part member families. So, she loves missionaries and has had them in her home for a while now. They all seem to come around. She made us hot chocolate and we talked for a little bit, then we asked if the missionaries had ever taught her and she said no! We couldnt believe that no one had taught her! So we were able to teach and overview of the restoration. She really liked it and told us that she had no clue about what we believed. Then she told us that she wanted to feed us dinner this next week! What a miracle! I love how the Lord works! He always knows who is prepared and ready. 
So I guess that is about it for now. Everything else seems to be a blur of lots of great opportunities and people! "Living the Dream" I love it and I am so grateful for everything that has happened this last week! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I cant believe it is already November!
Sister Zwahlen

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