Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful Ohio

"In the pre-mortal life you proved to be valiant, obedient, and pure. 
There you worked hard to 
develop talents and capacities to prepare yourselves to face mortality with courage, 
dignity, honor, and success.
Not long ago you came to mortality with all of those magnificent capacities and 
endless possibilities. Yet there is real danger in the environment surrounding you. 
Your great potential and ability could be limited or destroyed if you yield to the devil-inspired contamination around you. 
However, Satan is no match for the Savior. Satan’s fate is decided. 
He knows he has lost, but he wants to take as many with him as he can. 
He will try to ruin your goodness and abilities by exploiting your weaknesses. 
Stay on the Lord’s side, and you will win every time." 
 - Elder Richard G. Scott 
This week has been a wonderful and speedy week. First off last Monday, we helped the with the Young Womens Activity this week. They did a Value walk. They went from room to room and each room had a ward member who had prepared a short lesson on a Value. We had been asked to teach on Faith. So we blind folded the girls and told them that using their faith they had to find their way back to Christ. So off they went (about 10 of them) trying to find their way. Ha ha they were a mess, we were trying to help them along and one of the girls said. "oh no its Satan, dont follow him!!" ha it was really me. I guess my "you and trust me, or follow me's" came off evil. Ha So after we finally got them to the picture of Christ. We talked about faith and how when we build our faith it allows Heavenly Father to "mold" us into the daughters of God he wants and knows we can be. Then we gave them Faith-Doh, and made labels that said "How to Use", and warnings like "trials may occur" Or if you start to doubt contact Heavenly Father ASAP. hehehe we think that we are really clever. It was a really fun night! 
On Tuesday we met with a college guy named Eric. He is awesome, before we started the lesson, he was like " I was wondering if you could tell me what your path to salvation is?? Oh well fancy that, we are just about to teach you that lesson right now!! we call it the Plan of Salvation. It was perfect and inspiration. And He really liked the lesson!! Next step is we need to get him to come to church. Also Tuesday I got a call from the Assistants to the President and I was invited to a special Leadership meeting on Thursday. 
So Thursday I was able to go to a Leadership Training where Brother Littlefield and Brother Donaldson, who work in the missionary department in Salt Lake, came and trained us. It was SO good. It was 6 hours of the most inspiring trainings ever! ha I was very grateful that I was invited. I found out once I got there that it was for Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, and a handful of others. Thank goodness I was part of the handful of others. They also told us and showed us the I-pad and how all of our paper work will look it.It is really cool. They told us that within the next month we should switch over to a technology mission!! I am really excited for it! Which is funny, because I was dreading it before, but not now.:) 
This week our member Sister Jarvis, invited us to lunch with her friend from Norway, Her name is Silja. She is so wonderful. So we invited her to the Womens Broadcast and she came!! yay. I hope she felt the spirit and wants to learn more!! I know I loved the speakers and the messages! 
Alright, last I will end with my awkward moment for the week. We were invited to a welcome home party for a RM in our ward. Most everyone in the Family arent  members so we went. Once we got there His mom asked us if we would present a certificate to both the RM and also their daughter who just finished school. So Sister Bassett and I said yes. Well I get the letter to read, and of course I get the one to the RM. but it says all this gushy, lovey dovey stuff in it from his mom and step dad, but in front of all of these people, I had to read it. AWKWARD. So here I am saying " We are so glad you are home, we missed you and love you so much. We hope you will stay forever!" ha I think that I could survive without ever having to to that again!! Then I give it to the RM and he says to me " Do you want to keep it to remember me bye?" (he was kidding) Uhhh nope, thanks we have to go now bye!! 
Oh life as a missionary is great! I love it. I love all of you! Have a great Week. 
Sister Zwahlen
p.s. The leaves are starting to change colors. They are beautiful! 
Beautiful Ohio, with Merinda, Mikaela, and Sister Bassett

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