Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Awesome Athens‏

Hello Family and Friends.

I dont know what I did to be on Heavenly Fathers good side but I must have done something right. I am going to be staying one more transfer.:) I am so happy that I get to stay at least one more transfer so that I can be with sister Bassett. Remember how that means I will be in this area for 5 transfers, just like I did with Greenfield. I think it is mostly to keep me far from the city and the people but who knows.
This past week and a half have been wonderful as always. We started off strong with a power outage, it was only out for about 5 hours and so Sister Bassett and I got out flashlights (thanks Grandpa and Grandma Kimball for providing me with one) and we ate cereal and chips and sat in our beds (this was at 9:00 at night) It was quite eventful.
It is apple season here. Everything is about apple pie, apple sauce, apples, apples, apples. So we were able to help pick some apples, and make apple pie and of course we served others by eating the pie as well. One of my favorite service activities!! Ha 

Ok so I have a funny story about this week. So we ran into a lady that is a former investigator and we were talking to her as we walked down the main street in The Plains. She had a really heavy bag so I asked her if I could help her carry it. She told me that she had it but that I could walk her little dog/rat "Diamond". So here I am holding the leash with one finger praying that no body we know drives by. Ha oh course right as I think this a car honks and the elders drive past with a "what is Sister Zwahlen doing?" look on their faces. It was great. So I had to explain later what I was doing walking a tiny dog down the street. 
So, let me just say. I love Chinese people. They are the greatest. 
We are teaching a guy named Peter, from China and he came to church on Sunday! He loved it! When we gave him a Chinese Book of Mormon he just kept saying thank you over and over again. Its the greatest. I keep thinking how grateful I am that I went to Taiwan. I think that it really helps me here on OU campus. I get to meet so many from China and in my broken Chinese. I can tell them about Heavenly Father and Jesus. ha After Church the young women asked us if we were trying to find the 12 apostles since we had Paul, James, and now Peter. Next on the list are Luke and Mark. 
We meet a lot of international students here on campus and they are great. We met a Muslim from Saudi Arabia and he told us that he was more christian than we were because he both believed in Mohammed and Christ.  Uhhh. I think you dont understand what it means to be Christian. but anyways he wasnt interested to say the least. Then he says my name is Saad (said like Sad) What do you think my name means?? 
uh we dont know. Sad like boo hoo??
No Happy, I am Happy. 
he hehe the people we meet! It makes life exciting! I love it.
Well I guess that is all for right now. I hope you all have a great rest of your week!!

Love you,
Sister Zwahlen
Went on splits with a Sister Zollinger in the mission.  I made our lunches and thought I was so clever!

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