Monday, June 30, 2014

The "Great Daines"‏

"Each day compel yourself to do something you would rather not do." -my latest fortune cookie. Yes I know so spiritual:) I do what I can. I really like it though. I need to be better at doing things that I dont like. I keep this fortune in my Ether Chapter 12 page, because doing things that you dont want  but you know is right takes a lot of faith. Especially during trials. I hope you all will try to push your self out of your comfort zones and do something this week that you would rather not do. (preferably to do with missionary work or the gospel.)
Well I just emailed a couple days ago and not much has happened since then. However President and Sister Daines are officially arriving today and The Nilsens are officially off. It seems weird I kind of feel like we are president less right now. We havent heard anything from either of them!! Do you like the "Great Daines" I think I am so clever. Im sure they have never even thought of that before. ha ha ok probably they have heard it one million times. I am excited to get to know them though. And rumor has it that apple products are in the mission office. Which means i pad mission. bleh and yay. I have mixed feelings.
Also I have been opening my birthday countdown. Thank you for all the party supplies. Um I have to admit, I opened #7. I thought if it was a countdown. I should start high and count down. but I soon learned I was supposed to count up in my birthday countdown. So I am really sorry. I re wrapped #7 so that I can pretend I dont know what it is on day seven. 
Oh I know something that happened. Paul. Paul is the guy from China. I love him! He is awesome. He came to church on Sunday and LOVED it!! He wants to be baptized. I am so excited for him. Plus I like that he is from China. That makes everything better. We also found out that he was a dentist in China and had like 50 patients a day and wasn't making much money. So he moved here to Ohio to go to school for sports medicine. He is only 26! He is one of those crazy people who never stop reading or studying. Which is great because he is really smart! Ok sorry enough about Paul. Keep him in your prayers that he will be baptized in July!!
Well Im sorry, there isnt much else to say this week!! I hope you all have a Happy 4th of July!!

Love you
Sister Zwahlen

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