Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sister Tueller and I are both staying in the wonderful town of "The plains". I guess with how transfers have been so far on my mission I cant say Im surprised. I feel that I am ready for a change. Heavenly Father knows best though, so trusting in him is the best that I can do. I know I am needed here if I haven't been transferred. So that is all that is exciting... I think. ha No really am glad to be here we are starting to have success.
Let me tell you I have never been caught in the rain so many times in my life as I have this past week. Thursday last week we decided to be adventurous and ride our bike from Campus back home. This is probably 10 miles on a bike path. No big deal. We start off and then the rain starts. It gets heavier and heavier THEN the winds start and the tornado sirens go off and we are no where near home. Ha so we just keep pedaling. 20 Min. Later we are pulling into a members house and knocking on there door. We were so wet. I have never been so wet. Not even when I take a shower. Ok maybe a little over exaggerated. It was fun. I felt like a missionary, you know those ones that they make movies out of?? ha Anyways we ended up creating huge puddles on the members floor and then having another member pick us and our bikes up  and take us back home. 
Borrowing bikes from the members 

On the other hand there are so many fireflys here! They are beautiful. I love them. Family we need to come back to visit my mission at this time of the year!! It is perfect! It is beautiful and green and then millions of fireflys come out at night. I catch them. Sister Tueller and I caught a ton and put them in a jar and put them in our apartment for a little bit of time.
We have found a couple new investigators this week. They are so cool. Eric is president of the Jugglers club on OU. So that is pretty awesome. We have taught him a couple times and one time he wasnt wearing any shoes... um gross. but hey half of his family is mormons from Utah and he is totally prepared. Then we have been meeting with a guy named Alex. He is agnostic... for now. He is great as well. He is learning and hopefully coming to church Sunday. We are teaching all college aged men right now I feel. I pray they are really interested in learning about the church. I know It seems suspicious that we arent teaching any women right now.
I feel like I havent emailed in years but I cant think of anything else that has happened this week. I cant believe that I have been out 10 months and I turn into a grandma age next week. "Why are you so old?" thats what I ask myself everyday. Ha I love you all!! Thanks for all of your prayers. Talk to you soon.
Sister Zwahlen
P.S. Do you realize that by the end of this next transfer I will have pretty much been out a year. Time goes way too fast!! 

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