Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy yadhtriB!!‏

Hello Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday!! When I opened my birthday banner Birthday was spelt backwards ha ha so that was exciting. Sister Tueller was a little sneak.. just as I suspected and she had members decorate our apartment with balloons and stars and a cheesecake. yum. It was a great birthday. We got to help with one of our young mans eagle projects. Which was a 5 k run. So we were at the half way handing out water. So that was fun. I wish I could have run it... but I am really out of shape and sister Tueller didn't want to. So it all worked out:) We also had a couple part member BBQ's to hit. I ate way too much. I turned 23 and I gained 23 lbs as well. ha ha ok not really.
This week has been week of the weirdies. So  all who know about  how I always seem to attract the weird ones, a mission isnt any different. We were walking on campus and I had this guy stop me and he was like "hey, I like your socks... They are HOTT" Uhhh that is weird. plus they are normal socks. anyways I almost asked if he meant as in temperature, but I was scared of the response so I just went with a " hey thank you, have you ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" ha ha gets them everytime. Then we run into a guy that we start talking to and he seems really great.. Crazy but great. We invite him to church. AND he comes. Great right?!? Wrong. It was testimony meeting. We are all sitting there and all of the sudden we hear a man from the back start talking. I looked back and my heart fell into my stomach. We comes up to the front and starts yelling about how he felt the spirit and he loved these people, but he had severe anxiety and had to go to his church. and then he is like "I was invited by two beautiful ladies. oooo there they are and he points to us. Oh we could have died. We just waved and then we runs out the door and says Amen Brothers and sisters God bless. Everyone looks around and you hear a kid say "what in the world just happened?" Then there mom says just say amen. ha ha we had a good laugh from that one. ha ha
Paul came to church again and he is SO excited to get baptized!! he is really awesome and on date to be baptized on July 26th! I hope that he wasnt confused by our outburst friend in sacrament meeting. ha He seemed fine though. I will tell you this week has been so sad we have had so many people drop us just as they are about to come to church.. GRRR darn satan. ha he knows how to get them. Its ok though it just means they arent prepared!! Well I guess that is about all for this week. I had a great birthday! I love you all. Have a happy week. It hit 100 degrees this week. Not good. such is life
Sister Zwahlen

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