Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Love‏

Hello Family and Friends.
I feel like this week will be a really short letter and I am sorry. I have no idea what has happened this week. I do know that It was a tough one though! It seemed as though everyone dropped us, and no one wanted to talk to us and we were tired from knocking doors and talking to everyone in sight. On top of all that I got sick. I guess that flu bug came all the way from Utah to see me.
It seems to be a trial of our faith as we work to find people. However the miracles are awesome when they happen. We had a guy that cancelled his appointment get back in contact with us (it rarely happens) And he wanted to come to church! It was really good. His name is James but I call him Luigi, because he looks like him! ha he is really great.
Also Paul has to go out of town this weekend so we had to move his baptismal date to August 2nd. He is still amazing and every time we talk about him it makes me so happy. He is so prepared and he passed his Baptismal interview. It makes me think of a couple of scriptures. First is D&C 18:15-16. How great shall be our joy when we bring souls unto Christ. I have never had this scripture stand out to me so much!! It is so true. I have such complete joy when I see how happy Paul is and how ready he is. It also reminds me of Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah.  in Alma 26 30 " And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul: and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some soul."
I wont lie, this area is really hard for me, and I try and stay positive but it seems like a lot of work just to have people reject you over and over, and then to have creepy people say creepy things to you all the time. It really isnt the most fun. but ALL of those trials we go through as missionaries or as people in general. They are all worth it when we help bring that "one soul" who is ready. I love it. None of the bad things seem to matter at all when you find that one person you have helped find the truth. I really love this gospel and the work that I get to do every day.. even the hard days.
Also we met a woman named "Sunday Love" This week and she wants to learn more. ha ha i think it is quite ironic that her name is that. I hope that we get to work with her more so that I can think of lots of puns for her and the gospel.
Well all is going well here. I am sorry it is so short this week. It flew by and I dont really have anything else to tell you about!! Have a great week! Love you.
Sister Zwahlen

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