Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goodbye Greenfield...‏

"Confidence gives the spirit something to work with" So true, my goal this year is to be more bold and confident in the Lord and His work. I know that as I do what he would, that I will be so blessed. Same with each of us. The righteous are always blessed, I dont even know how many times it says in the in  scriptures, probably about 5000.

Just kidding. It is Greenfield for another transfer. I guess they kind of like me here or something ha Sister Love and I are both staying. I cannot believe that we are both staying. I guess we work well together. We thought for sure we would be separated, It is pretty rare that a companionship stays together this long. We will have been together 6 months by the end of this transfer. Ahhh 6 months. Can you believe how fast time is going by? I really can not believe how fast time goes on your mission. I feel like I just got here. (Well I did but still going way too fast)

This cold weather we are having they call "A polar hurricane". and let me tell you they are pretty right. it is about -2 to -6 degrees but with wind chill it is about -30 to -40 degrees. um ok let me just transfer myself to Hawaii. We have to cover up everything because they say you can get frost bite with in 30 min if you have any exposed skin. I believe it. The other day we were visiting a girl named Cindy and she never lets us in her house so we just stood on her porch and talked to her. It was the shortest lesson ever. It was like 5 min. and we said. "
So want to come to church on Sunday? great church is way important. can we say a prayer?" Ok well not exactly but pretty much. Hopefully she can come and then we can teach her in the church or something.  brr brr brr. Thank goodness for cars.
New Years was pretty uneventful. We went to the Branch Christmas Party and played games and ate pizza. It was fun but we were home and in bed by 10. We said "Happy New Years" and then went to sleep. We had interviews with President and Sister Nilsen the next day. It was nice, we got some training and I love President and Sister Nilsen, they are amazing. but that morning as we were leaving the house, I felt sick. and I threw up in our outside garbage can, but after I felt fine so I got in the car wiped my hands with a wipe and hand sanitizer and we drove to interviews. well right when we got there I was like "Sister Love before we go anywhere I need to go wash my hands" Of course on our way to the bathroom though an AP stopped us and was talking to us and went to shake our hands and I was like "well I just threw up on my hand and I havent had time to wash it yet, so maybe I better not." AWKWARD. ha ha he probably will never talk to me again. ha ha Oh the things I say. I probably should learn to censor my words. oh well.
Well I guess that is about it for this week. Everything here is kind of slow going, but dont worry it will pick up soon... I hope. I love you all. Thanks for everything.
Sister Zwahlen

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