Monday, January 13, 2014


"One progresses only as fast as he gains knowledge." -BD Do it. Gain knowledge.  the Bible Dictionary is the greatest tool ever. How come I have never used it before now??
Well this week has been really fun. Sister Love and I have been making video journals, that actually turn into us making up songs about Greenfield. We are so weird but its ok, we are finding the joy. We need it since we will have been companions for 6 months by the end of this transfer, which is super rare for a companionship to be together for this long. It is hard to be with someone ALL the time for 6 months ha but I am grateful it is with sister Love and not someone who I didn't get along with. That would really be a struggle.
This week we have had a lot of success and it is probably because it is in the 30-50 degrees here. Its like summer compared to the cold days we had last week. We had some really neat experiences this last week. We were visiting a less active member and her daughter (non-member) came in as was like "wait are you the mormons?" "This is so weird, everything I have seen for the past couple days has been about mormons, like even online ", find out about life after death. talk to the missionaries." and I even just had a friend die a couple days ago and now you are here. Do you want to come to my house sometime. I cant even tell you how many missionaries I have told no, and you are the first I have invited to my house."
 WOW ok perfect, It was perfect. I am so excited. We are going to see her on Tuesday, and the same day we saw a girl Gabby who wants to be baptized, walking down the street, and we are all in courthouse, which is a town that neither of us live it. It was awesome because we were able to talk to here about being baptized next month. AND same day we were teaching Davonte(and investigator) and his friend came out and started talking to us and he wants to come to church. It is so amazing how people are placed in our paths and that time for a certain reason. Our purpose as missionaries isnt to teach everyone, it is to find those who are ready and prepared, and it makes our job a lot easier when they fall into your lap like they did this week. It was perfect.
So this week we were eating at a members home and she made the most delicious meat loaf I have ever tasted. Now I haven't tasted a lot in my life but I almost died and went to heaven it was so good. People here have meat loaf all the time which is strange. same with meatballs, but they are dang good cooks here. no complaints from me. Anyways we were eating dinner and I had grabbed two biscuits because they were small, and after I had eaten all my food and one of my biscuits, I didnt want the other one. So while the members back was turned I put it back in the container it came from. What was I thinking? I am so dumb, ha ha she didnt see and will probably ever know but still, I guess I lost all that I have been taught about manners at that moment. It just happened and sister Love almost lost it, she started laughing so hard. It was really funny.
Also we were at a house teaching a lesson, and I asked "Do you guys have any questions for us?" This was the response. "Why do people say they are going to take a poop? Why do they take it? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?" ummm ha ha what do you say to that? Ha Sister Love and I just laughed, there is nothing else you can do when situations like that happened. Just one of the things about Greenfield. They don't censor anything.
Also we had an old man tell us this joke, "Why do ducks fly upside down over Michigan State?" "because its not worth pooping on." Rivalries. ha They don't joke around about OSU here. Not at all.
Anyways, even though Greenfield is one of a kind, I love it here and I am so blessed by the things I am learning (minus the jokes and questions) I am so grateful to be here with the people I am meeting. Missions are such a blessing. I am excited for Anna. I wish her the best of Luck, she will do great.
Love you all,

Sister Zwahlen

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