Monday, October 20, 2014


Family and Friends,
This week has been an awesome week, I did indeed eat Rabbit, Squirrel and Deer. It was a week of exciting dinners. ha I would like you all to know that Rabbit and Squirrel taste just like Chicken. I think it is so funny. The family that fixed it for us told us that they sat on their porch and shot the squirrel. Ha where am I? I love it. Ooo also the weather is getting colder and colder. I am bracing myself for another long cold winter. Although last year it was already worse than it is now so I am grateful for that!!
We also were able to go to the Temple this week. It was wonderful. It has been since April that I went last and it was much missed! It was funny because my dress and slip had a lot of static and the temple ladies in the dressing room, made it into such a big deal and they ran around trying to find a dryer sheet so that there was no static. They are all so sweet. Really Cool story. Our member who took us told us that she had been wanting to go to the temple, but she doesnt like to drive in Columbus by herself and she can never find any one who can go when she can. (Her husband isnt a member of the church)  So she circled a date on the calandar and told her husband that she was going to go to the temple on that day no matter what or who could go with her. She had been praying that someone would be able to come with her! A couple days later we text her to see if she would want to come to the temple with us the EXACT same day she had circled on the calendar.  It is awesome to be able to be an answer to prayers while having your prayers answered as well.
We have been teaching a 8 year old boy named Chris for the past month and a half. His family are all members and his mom just like her kids to have the lessons before the are baptized. He was baptized this Saturday which was awesome!!
We have been teaching a 19 year old girl named Aaliyah the last couple week and she came to church for the first time!! She loved it! I am so excited. We extended the day of November 15th to her and she accepted:) She is also going to come to our YSA  FHE tonight!! I am so excited for her she is wonderful and she is so sweet!!
Well I guess that is about all for this week!! I love you all. Have a great one!
Sister Zwahlen

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