Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Columbus Ohio Day!‏

Thank you mom for reminding me how clever I was last year with my email title:) It is still just as funny as it was last year ha ha 
"obedience brings blessing, Exact obedience bring Miracles." This is so true. As a mission we have really been pushing being exactly obedient. As we have. I have seen the miracles happen in our area. The Lord is always looking for ways to bless us when we put forth the extra effort in turning to others and Him through obedience.
This last week, went really fast! I cant even tell you what happened. I know that it was an alright week though. We are teaching a couple new people. We are teaching a girl from on campus named Aaliyah. She is awesome. When we taught her she was excited and accepted baptism. So that was really exciting. We are meeting with her again today as soon as we get done emailing.

Oh which reminds me. the Daines have changed how we have done emailing in the past. So No matter when our preparation day is. We always email on Mondays. So like today, because we get to go to the temple this Wednesday, today isnt our p-day but we are emailing. The same will go for transfers week. So you wont know what is happening with me and transfers until I have already been transferred. Unless we get transfer calls early. Which we wont ha
We had interviews with President Daines this week and he is still wonderful! I cant believe how inspired and perfect he is for me and for our mission. Sister Bassett and I rode our bikes to interviews and President was so impressed. He took a district picture and he made us bring our bikes in the picture ha ha it was funny. 

Yesterday we had a miracle. We had several people lined up to come to church and like a lot of Sundays, they all cancelled so I prayed for a miracle that someone would come to church this Sunday and We had a member bring a friend and he was really interested in learning more. So we talked to him and set up a time to meet with him again. It was a blessing. I love how the Lord hears our prayers. and I love it even more when I recognize that he has answered my prayers.
This week is going to be our adventurous week. We have investigators feeding us Rabbit. They were so excited to feed us. Ha they are an old couple and i love them. Then we are also going to have deer this week and possibly squirrel. I guess it is just eat different animal week or something.
I know that this is a short email. but I cant think of anything else that has happened this week! Love you all. 
Thanks for the prayers,
Sister Zwahlen
Sister Bassett and I tracting in the mean neighborhood. ha 
Doing service in the tiny closet

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