Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding Crashers..‏

"Praying with real intent means you really intend to follow the divine direction given." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Ok so first things first. The wedding Crashed. Seriously. We got a call on Wednesday from James and he told us that Tonya and Him had broken up. She had moved out and left her son with him. Needless to say the wedding was canceled and Tonya no longer wanting any contact from us or anything to do with the church. James however still is getting baptized and his testimony is growing. I think that while this seems sad. I really feel that this is what the Lord wanted for him. He has a strong desire to serve the Lord and to keep all the commandments and Tonya... Not so much. So there were differences of opinion. So we move on with life and work with those who are really prepared. It was a little stressful to say the least when we found out though. From it though I gained a strong testimony of the potential God has for each of us. I really know that he wants what is best for us and sometimes it seems we are being "cut down" but really it is so we can be molded into what will make us the most happy.
We have been teaching a lady named Alice this week and she is awesome, but anyways her husband Frank is a hoot and he doesnt want anything to do with church but he always teases us and wants to make us food. So you cant complain. This week he made us A fried cucumber sandwich.. Can I just say. Delicious. If you are ever bored and want something to eat. Make a fried cucumber sandwich. He also had a ton of buckeyes that he gave to us and drilled holes in them so that we could make key chains.
We also had Zone Conference this week. Which happened to be on my 1 year mark.. I dont like to talk about it though.  I had been asked to conduct the music at the meeting and everyone was sleeping. and then on top of that President Daines had pulled up the lyrics to the song and then got distracted while we were singing so no body knew the words. Ha um so basically it was me singing. That was fun. An unplanned solo. Also funny story. We were eating lunch with some other sisters. They were telling us a bad experience they had had with Lentil soup. They then ask us if we had tried Lentil soup before. Um no I dont think so. (sister yells) "DONT EAT IT, YOU WILL DIE" Well now everyone is looking at us including president Daines and the wonderful ladies who had made our lunch. Everyone thought that she was talking about the food we were eating right the. We all died with laughter and we couldnt stop laughing. It was really funny and probably one of those stories that you would have to be there for.
Campus is getting so crazy. There are 30 million people everywhere(maybe and exaggeration). Its like being back on a Taiwan Train. Uh not fun. but also really fun because then we get to talk to a lot of people. I can now see why OU is one of the biggest party schools in the nation. So that is also exciting. We also met a guy named Mario from Austria. He is nice. I like him. and I like that his name is Mario. We talked to him for 40 min. It is sad he said he has never felt happiness in his life. What is this? I hope we can help him find some happiness.
We taught one of the Families and it was terrifying they kept asking all of these questions. I was so nervous I couldnt answer them. So while I tried to keep my calm composure nodding my head and saying "please ask us questions, that is what we are here for." Inside im screaming.. NOOOO dont ask anymore questions. So that was a tense moment for me. I hope the lesson went ok and that we get to meet with them again.
Well, I guess that was pretty much my week. It has been a crazy one, and I know that I have many more busy weeks to come. I love you all and I am grateful for each of you. Have a wonderful week.

Sister Zwahlen
Weekly planning and a picnic with Merinda 

So on campus I reached up to pull off a leaf and the whole branch came with it.. Ooops. ha 

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