Monday, August 18, 2014


"Prayer is the power by which we can access the atonement of Jesus Christ" -I heard this in sacrament meeting this week. So I dont know who said it originally
Hello Family and Friends.
This week has been good. Sister Bassett is slowly getting better. Which is always good for a missionary. You can work much better that way. It has been a slow finding week but I have seen so many miracles. First off. We taught James and Tonya the Commandments. All of which we knew they would need to make changes in their lives with. So we taught Word of Wisdom, law of Chastity and Tithing. They committed to live all of them and they didnt even feel that those things would be hard to change in their lives. They are so ready to be baptized. Only thing in the way is a wedding. It has been stressful because we needed someone to marry them and everyone seems to be out of town. but just at the last min. The stake president said that he could do it this next Saturday. I have no Idea how to plan a wedding but here we go. Ha I know that because everything has fallen into place that it is what the Lord wants. I can see his hand is everything I do.
Second miracle this week is we found a family, with a husband(Carl) , wife and  5 boys. ha uh we are so excited to go back and teach them. and we have another family that we found that we are going to start teaching this next week. These next couple of weeks are going to go by so fast!! I am so grateful to have these experiences. It is the greatest to see others come unto Christ, especially when they are families.
I know this is a short email this week but I dont have a lot of time left. I will leave you with an embarrassing moment for the week.

We were on campus talking to a man and this is what my mouth decided to say " there is this really great website You can look up children.... uh not children I mean other people who have similar beliefs and backgrounds."
So now he probably thinks that I am a creeper oops. I have no Idea how that happened. but we got a good laugh about it.
Well I love you all. I hope you have a great week.
Sister Zwahlen

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