Monday, December 2, 2013

Beginning the Season with a BANG

"Regarding ones testimony, remember, that which one willingly shares he keeps, while that which he selfishly keeps he loses... Teach and testify there is no better combination." President Monson.
 I encourage you all to have the courage to testify, especially this holiday season, remember what it is really about. If Christ is the center of our message and our beliefs, shouldn't he also be the center of our lives and our actions? Yes is the correct answer in case you didn't know:)
So this week started out with a Bang... Literally. It has been the talk of the town and the concern of our members for us. We had a shooting two houses down from us, at 6:30 in the morning. We didnt hear it, but lucky for me I got to see them wheel the man that got shot into the ambulance.  Then today, at the same house we, saw the ambulance pull up and put another man in the ambulance, we dont know for sure why, but most likely  it was because  he overdosed on drugs, because of how he was acting on the little stretcher thing, we came to that conclusion. Drugs was the cause of both trips to our neighbors. It is really sad how many drugs are in this town and to make it worse the police force is really corrupt here so they dont really do anything about it. AND if they know you it is really easy to get away with things. Anyways it is sad but it was the exciting thing for the week.
This week we only got one member referral, because we didnt have time to ask for more, we had to contact the ones we already got. It has been a long week of trying to contact everyone. and we only contacted 20 this week, which really is a ton but not enough. We did have some awkward stories out of our contacting though. The first one, we had a lady answer the door and she was hiding behind the door and she said "Im sorry Im not dressed right now".. Oh ok awkward, then her dog ran out of the house and so we were trying to help her get her dog inside, and she couldnt come out because she wasnt dressed. Some people make me wonder, why would you even answer your door if you werent dressed?? I dont know it doesnt make sense. Then we were going to contact a lady, and as we pulled up to her house there were 3 people on the porch just watching us an as we got out and introduced our self and asked if Bea (that was the referrals name) they said "No, she died a couple months ago." Ahh ok well we are sorry, have a nice day. Ha no we didnt say that but it was awkward too. Oh the awkward moments of being a missionary:)
Thanksgiving was good, we saw lots of members but we didn't eat too much food. Which was fine since we eat to much every other day. but it was a lot of fun to meet members family's. and then on Saturday we had another Thanksgiving meal with another family so It was nice. Just think, just one more thanksgiving on my mission  ha ha Also we got to put up our stockings and Christmas tree this last week. They are so cute and our apartment is all festive and adorable.
This week we have a branch Christmas Party and also a mission Christmas talent show and guess who got roped into being part of the talent show. Yep this girl. Ew. ha I am playing the piano, sister Love is playing the flute and then two other sisters are singing. So at least the attention wont all me on me.
Missionary work is going, We are working hard to find someone to be baptized this month. We have a couple people who could be ready, we just have to ask them ha ha simple right??

Well I love you all, I hope you enjoy the fact that it is already December. Have a great week.
With love,
Sister Zwahlen

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