Monday, October 7, 2013

"I don't do politics"

"You come unto Christ to be yoked with him and with his power, so that you're not pulling life's load alone. You're pulling life's load yoked with the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and suddenly your problems no matter how serious they are, become lighter." Amen to that!! As Blaine said "I'm in the real world now" and let me tell you Satan he is such a trouble maker, but I have seen how my problems have been made lighter as a turn them to Christ and rely on him. I have been studying hope and faith this week. I encourage you all to read about them in PMG and in True to the Faith they are amazing. 
Coming to you all from the Greenfield Library. So to answer your questions we just come to the library to email. In our branch there are five missionaries. Two elders and us three sisters. We are in different areas though, but we work with each other in all of the areas of our branch. Our tiny branch is made up of one of the biggest areas in the mission. There is a ton to cover so a car is a nice thing to have or we would spend almost all day walking to one place. 
Pretzel Sandwich
This week have been amazing. why you ask? Well let me tell you its because of the Amish! They are amazing and their food is spectacular. We went to Bainbridge last week and we went to some Amish stores and I was in heaven. They make these pretzel sandwiches that you could die for, oh and their donuts. I could go on for years about how good their food is! Also it is more in the country and the leaves are all starting to change and so it is beautiful. but anyways we were driving along and all of the sudden a deer jumps out in front of us across the road and then jumps right into a tree. and back across the road. ha ha I got the biggest kick out of that. ha ha I am still laughing thinking about it. I cant believe he hit the tree. It was bizarre. Needless to say I am going to live in bainbridge next to the Amish the rest of my life. I guess I am going to need a horse and buggy! 

This week also we were visiting with a Less Active, and she has her grand kids that live with her, and this lady LOVES politics and she could sit and talk about Obama all day long. She is funny but we were telling her that Conference was this weekend and as we were about to leave we asked the little grandson who is seven years old if he is going to watch conference and his responds was "oh no, I don't do politics" ha ha We explained that it wasn't politics, but it was funny to hear out of the mouth of a seven year old ha
So this next weekend we have a baptism for our investigator Jimmy and this week was wonderful. We have been working with him to stop smoking and he had been having a hard time with it so we asked him if we could see his cigarettes and he was hesitant, but he finally did and then we did the math of how much it costs him to buy a pack vs. having eternal life and being baptized and he of course picked baptism. So then we went with him outside and crushed up his cigarettes. and took his lighter. He would crush up his own cigarettes but then he finally did crush up his last one. It was fun for everyone. (well he probably didn't think it was fun) but hey now he isnt smoking and he is so ready to get baptized. He is amazing and he wants all the blessings so he realizes what he needs to do to get them. He is working so hard to live all of the commandments and we are so excited for him to get baptized on Saturday!! 
We have an interesting experience this week as we were tracting we ran into a man named Buddy. He told us that we were just who he needed since he was probably going to jail soon for have cocaine in his house. We talked a little about how through our Savior all of our wrongs can be made right. It was neat. So we made a return appointment with him and unfortunately he wasnt home, but all of his "friends" (about 7-8 of them)  were sitting in his backyard smoking and drinking. They were not such nice men.  We asked them if Buddy was home and they were telling us he was one of the biggest drug dealers in greenfield and that he was inside. So we went and knocked on his door. and the men were telling us things like " hey, I will be buddy for an hour if you want" and really disgusting things. So we ended up leaving without talking to Buddy which was probably a good thing since, we cant go in his house if there are drugs in there and also we weren't so comfortable with his friends. We are going to try another time when his friends aren't there and hopefully he isn't in jail so we can teach him. The thing is we are so protected here on our missions. We are smart about what we do and we are protected for doing the Lords work. 
Oh and one our investigators boyfriends told us that if we ever came back he would call the cops on us. So hey that is pretty neat. We are just going to have to work through that one ha ha

This week has still been a little stressful but conference ended it on a good note. We watched conference at the church and the sessions are from 12-2 and 4-6 so it was different but it was wonderful to hear such good messages that will help us be better missionaries. The last session we watched at the Hall's house they are amazing and they fed us after, but while we were there a severe thunderstorm ran through and so  conference kept turning off. Let me tell you when it rains here it rains. We were grateful to be inside. They said we got like 3 inches of rain from the one storm. it was a lot of water. no wonder it is so green here!! Well I guess that is all for now!! I love you all!! Thanks for all your letters, emails and prayers!! They mean so much!! 
With all my love
Sister Zwahlen

Peeling apples with "big mama" so she could make pie filling and apple butter and apple sauce. 

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