Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Columbus Ohio Day

Hey family, because the libraries are closed we are emailing at a members dr. office. and there is only one computer. So this is going to be a really short email because of lack of time. I dont have an hour to email like usual! 

We just got our transfer call and drum roll please... ha ha I am staying in Greenfield. which is good, I am excited, Sister Leaman is being transferred and Sister Love and I will be here, most likely just us two. So it should be fun. Me and Sister Love get along really well. There is a lot of drama that we get dragged into here so I am hoping that it changes because I dont do drama! ha but I am loving it and I am excited to stay here, we have a lot planned for this next transfer. I guess the lord needs me here to make sure they happen huh? 

Jimmy was baptized this Saturday and confirmed yesterday so I had my first baptism and it was wonderful since I was here to start teaching him as well. So I have been here the whole process to see how much he has changed. He really is so smart and He has grown tremendously since we started teaching him. He is going to do great things so we are excited for him. 

Life is good, and I am loving life still. Well I love you guys!! I will have to email you everything else later. Also, apparently animals are my best friends, I cant even count how many cats I have had on me this week. 

Love, sister Zwahlen

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