Monday, October 21, 2013

The lady in Purple!‏

"The word hope is sometimes misunderstood. In our everyday language the word often has a hint of uncertainty. For example, we may say that we hope for a change in weather... In the language of the gospel, however, the word hope is sure, unwavering, and active."  I love that. I am studying Chirst-like attributes and hope is one of them. Also I am reading "our search for Happiness" by elder Ballard and it is wonderful!! Everyone should read it.
This week has flown by. I cant even tell you how fast time moves here. They all say that by my half way mark it will go fast. Well if time moves any faster, I wont make any progress because I wont have time to even blink. Its crazy. This week has been calm and mostly drama free. Completely drama free is not possible here, but things have seemed to calm down so its really nice.

Grace is improving. She is responding and she smiles so that is a pretty good sign, I dont know what they think will be her final outcome, but for her circumstance I would say she is doing pretty well. Samantha isnt progressing right now. We arent allowed to teach her or ask about baptism until we have been given permission from her mom. So we just continue to pray and we know it will happen one of these days. 
Transfers was fun. Sister Leaman is gone like we said and so now it is just Sister Love and I, and let me tell you I am moving up in the world, not only am I not the greenest of the missionaries, I moved from the cot to the bed, I have a desk, I sit in the front seat of the car, man life is good!! ha ha I cant even imagine moving up anymore in the world. This is the life. :) Oh also at transfers we role play (ew) but anyways we role play all day, everyday. and so we were playing a game where you have a list of ideas that you had to use to try and get someone interested on the " door step". It was just fun and funny like I told them that I liked the picture they had hanging in their house and they would say that their ex wife forgot to take it with her. Awkward, but anyways we had to try all the suggestions on our list until we guessed the one that they had picked to let someone in. So sort of like trying to guess the right pass code to get into their home.  Well of course I get picked to be the missionary and role play in front of a bunch of missionaries. Then President Nilsen is standing beside me and teaching us how to do door step approaches. Unfortunately he didnt know what we were doing and just thought I was terrible at door step approaches and so he made me practice like 12 thousand times in front of everyone!! Ahh it was embarrassing. After wards the AP's came up and apologized that that had happened to me. ha that was a bad explaining of the story but I don't know how to tell it through an email.

This Saturday the branch had a hayride at one of our members farms, it was a lot of fun. It was potluck and then they told the history of the farm and there was a bon fire and they told a story about a lady in purple standing in the cornfields and then they had the youth dress up as ladies in purple and walk around as the hay ride was going by so it was a little creepy. The next day me and sister love accidentally wore purple, and members said they saw an Amish dressed all in purple with her purple cap at Walmart and  so they were telling all of us at church about it. It was funny we got a good laugh out of it. 
Jimmy is amazing and he is working on his family history so that he can do their work at the temple. He is totally going to go through the temple a year from now and I am so excited for him. He is dating a girl that is in another state and she doesnt really like us so much because she feel threatened by having two girls with him teaching him about the gospel. Sounds threatening right? ha anyways she calls him constantly while we are there and he is getting so annoyed with her. but I tell you this story only because he has started calling her "dragon lady" haha I think that is so funny. I mean really its quite sad but I laugh every time I hear him say it.

This week I have helped members make salsa and applesauce. It is wonderful. I am learning so many skills and I am going to be the best homemaker you ever met by the time I leave Greenfield. Dont worry I am still doing missionary work and we are only helping as service, not for fun although it is fun.
This week has been wonderful we are teaching a father and daughter and son and the father and daughter came to church this week which is a huge step!! I am so excited to keep working with them. Also we found 2 new investigators this week and they are both named Carl. go figure. then we flipped open our sex offenders list and the first name I saw was carl. Ahh what is with all the carls?? I dont know but hey its fun and I dont mind. I taught RS this week on the work moves forward and the spirit was so strong all the ladies were crying and it was great. I think it was good because sometimes our lessons go a little off topic so it was nice to keep them on track. Also the Elders have a baptism next week and sister love and I are doing a musical number!
Well I guess thats it for this week. I love all of you. Thanks to the young women and primary for their packages and letters. although the young womens note didnt make any sense it was kind of a disaster by the time it got to me but I ate all the candy already. Also if I gain weight here on my mission I am going with the excuse of proverbs 28:25:)
Love you all

Sister Zwahlen

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