Monday, September 30, 2013

A rough one

his week I really liked the quote my President Monson " the greatest single lesson we can learn in mortality is that when God speaks and a man obeys, that man will always be right." Its so true, if we ask our selfs daily, am i doing what God would do? and would He be pleased with me? and if the answer is yes then we will ALWAYS be right! I love that.
This week my friends and family has been a long and rough week. Tuesday we had specialized training, which was so good, we learned to be more effective missionaries and push through the false yes's we get with commitments. Amazing. We then had exchanges so we were with our sister training leaders in their area all day and we slept over there as well. We went to their investigators house and her mom was there and they were very defensive about their religion. Everything we tried to teach was bashed by what the bible say.. (if you can even do that) Anyways the power of Satan was there and we were getting no where and they don't think we are supposed to be happy in life. That God doesn't want us to be happy. Uh ok, that is really sad but I told them that I knew our purpose in life is to be happy but also to learn and to grow so that we can one day become like God. the mom wasn't happy I said that she was like " I cant believe you think you can be like God, that is what Satan wanted, you are a child of the devil. I can feel the presence of Satan right now." Well you  could feel the presence of Satan but I can assure you it wasn't coming from me. It was amazing though because Sister Mitchell was like "I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I wear his name on me and I am here to represent him. I can assure you that if we were from Satan, I wouldn't be able to sit here and say that." The spirit was off the charts. It was amazing. The lesson ended up going pretty well and you could see the moms heart being softened. It was neat. Although I still cant believe she called me a child of the devil. so that is always fun ha
Anyway, that night when I met back up with Sister Malloy she told us that our investigator Grace, and her husband Brother Dudley had been in a serious car crash and that Grace wasnt expected to make it through the night. It was a hard night. I love Grace and she has been like our mother I cant remember if I have told you about her but she is a Philippino woman and she is tiny and always making us food and sending us home with things and we have been working with her to get her on date for baptism. Grace did make it through the night but she has a lot of internal bleeding and probably some brain damage. She is in the Intensive Care Unit still. As a result though Samantha postponed her baptism. Brother Dudley and Grace are her grandparents so they have been at the hospital, and dealing with that so Its understandable but still its hard to see your baptism pushed back. We have a couple on date for the 12th of October so hopefully we can work and have those. 
Then lets keep going with the stress shall we, Thursday we had new missionary training at OSU and let me tell you that campus is amazing. I would like to live there. ha just kidding but really that campus is wonderful. We were on the campus talking to people and it was fun. Afterward we got to go see Grace at the hospital and that was nice. On our way home from Columbus we got a call that there was an Emergency Transfer and sister Malloy was leaving us in 3 hours. Ahh we had to rush home and get her packed up and we went and saw as many of the people we could so she could say goodbye to.
Sister leaman and I thought that it would just be us to, but suprise we have new sister here in Greenfield her name is Sister Love and she is amazing. So we love her and its been nice but the dynamic of our companionship has changed since sister Malloy is gone and we are working on figuring out how us 3 will teach and work together. but its way fun and we still all get along great.
Lets just say this has been a crazy week. Full of trials of our faith but we know that trials come before great blessings and I look forward to the blessings as we press forward with faith.
Oo fun story, we have had about 4 brown recluse spiders hanging out by our outside door so we have been trying to figure out how to kill them. We had a member and her son come kill them. ha ha so we are once again safe.
The RS broadcast was amazing. I wish we would have had investigators there because they talked so much about covenants it would have been perfect for them, but also because they could have seen President Monson speak! That's ok though because general conference is next weekend and I am so excited!!
Everyone here feeds us and then they feed us and desserts are wonderful and I am loving every minute of it. We just got a meal coordinator for us so they assign who we eat with so it will be a great opportunity to get into less active and part member families. I am excited for the month of October. Transfers are coming up on the 15th of October, and i'm already really anxious to see what happens.
I love you all and I love getting letter and emails from you, thanks for all your prayers and love and support!!

Love Sister Zwahlen 

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