Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to Greenfield!!‏

Hello everyone and Welcome to Greenfield Ohio!! 
It is the best place I have ever been. I actually am in a tri-companionship with Sister Malloy who is 22 and from California, and has been here 5 months And my trainer sister Leaman who is from Arizona and she is 19 and has been here 6 weeks.  They are amazing we get so much done and we all learn from each other. We get home and just laugh because people here are so funny. Here is a list of how you know when you are in Greenfield-
1. 80 percent of the people are missing ALL of their teeth 
2. They talk funny 
3. They all smoke 
4. They have 15 dogs and 20 Cats all living in their houses and they treat them like their kids. (I'm am currently praying for a member and their cat named emma) 
5. It is the melting pot of religions here everyone has a different church 
6. They are mostly all living off the government and so they don't do anything all day, so when we try to make appointments they think they are busy because they have one thing the whole week.
7. They all have about 60 medical conditions and they will tell you about them after one min of talking 
8. If someone has diarrhea, they will tell you! They are not shy about it.  and last but not least 
9.  They are the best!! I absolutely love them all. 
On my first day we went tracting and my first door they lady saw us and she was like " y'all are wasting your time" and she didnt even get to the door. ha ha it was funny and that whole neighborhood was not so interested but we did meet a guy named Josh and when he answered the door he had doritos all over in his beard. it was really distracting. They were falling out left and right as we talked to him. We may or may not have had the spirit with us as we shared our message with him ha ha Anyways we went tracting again later that night and I placed my first book of Mormon and we set up several appointments! Woo it was really fun. I was pretty scared at first but now I love it. I have had so many funny experiences with it. We have a ton of investigators right now. One whose name is Dwayne and he is so funny he calls us the "Gangsters of Prayer", haha but anyways he is on date for a Baptism for the end of the month so its pretty exciting. We are also teaching a 22 year old guy  and he is so great we taught him about our loving Heavenly Father and prayer and the spirit was so strong. He basically invited himself to Church on Sunday so hopefully he will come!! We are so excited to teach him more! 
 The members here are so funny they freak out if the missionaries dont have somewhere to eat, So we eat with them every night! Can I just say I am loving it. I have had Shepards pie twice since I left home!! LOVING it! Just the other day we went to teach a girl and it was a disaster, she had 12 dogs and they were jumping everywhere, all over us and their house was disgusting. (thats another thing, the houses here are so gross and they dont clean and they have fleas and yea the smell is so bad. between the smell of animal and smoke I might be dead by next week) ha ha just kidding. but seriously. Anyways we were trying to teach and everytime we tried the brother in law or the sister or the dogs would say something so off topic and they were all telling us they had been saved when they were 3 months. They werent interested in the gospel they just wanted someone to talk to. ha ha Oh yea I forgot everyone here is related and they have so not so good family situations. I know alot of this email seems negative but I really cannot emphasis how amazing it is here. I am so happy and I love being a missionary! The people here are unlike anyone I have ever met but I love them so much!  Today we had a luau so I dont have much time left for p-day so sorry its so short! I love you all. The work is going forth!! Congrats to Anna on serving a mission! A mission is amazing! Just work hard and find the good things and you will do great where ever you are!! I love you all. My address is 530 Jefferson Street, Greenfield Oh 45123. Please write me! Emails are great but they are really hard to read all of them and have time to still email back!! I will not be so rushed next week love you!!
Sister Zwahlen
Oh and I live in a house with just us 3 and its big and smells a little!! Its wonderful. Also We dont trust the water here so we buy bottled water. 

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