Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Temple Day

Hey sorry you didnt get to hear from me yesterday!! We got to go to the temple today so therefore our p-day was switched to today!! AHHH I cant believe I am going to have a NEPHEW!! Ahhh I am so thrilled!! I Did get your "greenie package" It was wonderful!! I loved it!! I am eating too much here but I dont mind:) The little packages of almonds are the best thing in the world!! I am in a branch and it is really small, but a huge area that is in the one branch. So I am just assigned to the one branch. I will be in a tri-companionship atleast until transfers but it could be longer than that I suppose, but I love it! Its really fun! I cant believe baby Nixon hasnt shown up yet!! Thats crazy! Fall has decided to come this week and we are freezing our bottoms off, we are all dreading winter if fall is this cold already! Ha I broke out the scarfs and coats and sweaters, not my boots yet but I think I will still be fine. I havent gotten cold at nights yet. So that is nice!
It is funny how the people watch out for us here. A ton of people are always warning us about the "crazies" in Greenfield, but I often wonder if they are one of the crazies, I havent figured it out yet. but we dont walk around after 8:30 here because there are a lot of meth houses and it gets kind of dangerous when it get dark out so if we arent in an appointment we go to our car and read scripture until 9:00. My favorite thing that we do in a week is service. I love being able to go and help people. We have helped people move or clean and its great. but we also are working hard tracking. Its fun to go around and talk to people. We hope to leave a good impression with them whether or not they choose to accept our invitation or not. We just smile to whatever they say and then relate it to the gospel.
Neat story about this week is we went to a womans house, she has a grandson who has a lot of mental and physical problems and she says he should have died but he is living and she loves to share her miracle with everyone she sees. Well I was able to bear my testimony on how we are sent to this earth to be tried and everyone that is here for a reason and I told her about marissa and how even though she is missing her leg, she is such a strong person and has an amazing testimony. She really seemed to respond to that and we have now taught her the restoration and she wants to hear about the plan of salvation. It is really great. She has a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ, and its fun to teach her because it she understands and believes what we are saying. I was reading a talk and It said the Holy Ghost helps people remember what they once knew so well and it helps them remember the testimonies they once had in the pre-earth life. I love that. All of these people had strong testimonies of what we are teaching them they just have the veil to blind them from what they once knew so well. I love being that instrument that helps them remember and draw closer to God! 
Also we are teaching a Philippine lady and she is the sweetest, but very strong Catholic so its been really hard to teach her because she has to forget all that she has grown up believing but we watched the restoration movie with her this week and she felt the spirit so strongly! She wants to get baptized so we just need to figure out a date for her. She also always cooks a huge meal for us even if we arent there during meal times and she is an amazing cook. Plus then she sends us home with tons of food and always ice cream and pepsi! Ah I love her. 
Well I havent had a real p-day in 2 and a half weeks because we have been traveling to and from columbus which leaves little time to do what we need so sorry its short today. but I love you all!! Keep in touch!! I will try and write later today if I have time!!
aunt sister zwahlen

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