Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 I havent even been here two weeks, and I have tried so many good foods!! Kamille secretly makes fun of me but I love to take pictures of everything new I eat! Unfortunatly, I didnt get to take pictures of a few things. I have also had tofu, seaweed, pig ear, and a couple things I have no idea what they were. Nothing I have tried has been too bad, infact i have liked most everything. Except  for soy milk I only put that in chocolate-peanut butter-Banana Smoothies. Here are pictures for most everything else!
Taiwanese Guava

Wax Apple


I call this hidden cheese stick bread because there is cheese in the middle!! So good!
Cheese Bread

Too sweet for me.

The filling was gross

They call it "Chinese Pizza"
French toast sandwich

Filled with green onion

Best two pizzas!!

Beef Fried Rice
Pancake filled with cabbage and ham, then topped with dried fish and some sauce

Strawberry Apple Smoothie

I have no clue what this is, they gave it to me with my food.

Addicted!! You can get them in the U.S. try them if you havent already.

A little girl Clarie always runs up to me and says "Teacher, Candy" Then she gives me candy.
 Im loving it here and cant wait for all the other foods I will get to try. Especially during Chinese New Years!!

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  1. I love Hi Chew! So good. Glad you're having a blast!