Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ears, Tongues, Feet... Here I Come

I'm back!! Finally I have things that I blog about! This is going to be a long one, sorry I promise to keep them shorter from now on, and I will start to take pictures and videos to share too. So if you didnt know I am officially in Taiwan now! Can I just tell you how much I already love it here?? Everything is wonderful!! I have never met so many nice people in my life!! Everywhere Kamille and I were people were more than willing to stop and help us out, even if we didnt need the help(Although it probably looked like we needed help all the time)

While waiting in line to board our very long flight, Kamille and I met an adorable vietamese family who had just been on vacation to Hollywood!! They talked to us all the way until we had boarded the plane! Then we sat down by an old vietamese lady, im pretty sure im going to adopt her she was so sweet.. She  just pulled out her bag of peanuts and offered them to us, then she asked us about what our plans were, "You two are too young to be doing this." she responded. The rest of the flight she was like our protective mom, making sure our very yummy food got to us, even if we were sleeping. Once we finally landed in Tai Pei we found out that Kamille's bags decided they didnt want to be stuck on a 14 hr plane ride(but can you blame them?) so they just stayed in LA I suppose, unfortunatly that means Kamille is without a lot of things until "further notice", Cross your fingers that means monday!

Anyways from the TPE airport we took a 45 min bus to the Taipei Train station, where we met Yulings friend Dennis, He was so funny. He was kind of upset Yuling hadnt told him earlier about us coming because he wanted us to bring him and Abercrombie and Fitch poofy vest! Ha but he helped us get on the right train, he asked a Girl named Bonnie to help us to make sure we got off on the right stop. Man oh Man was I tired by this point. My head was bobbing like there was no tomorrow and I think  I must have slept for a little bit but the train ride was beautiful. The mountians are just cover in jungle trees and waterfall, then on the other side you have the blue ocean.

Driving here is crazy here and i was scared for my life when yuling was driving us around! There are thousands of scooters and cars. Then Yuling says "We have laws you have to follow, but they are more like guidelines. If you follow the rules you will end up in a coffin." Oh Great!! Just what i wanted to hear. I cant wait to ride my bike around... NOT Im terrified im going to get killed!!
Yuling took us around to get groceries so that we dont have to shop on sunday!! Im so excited to try all the foods around here!! everything looks amazing!!  We ended up just gettinng cereal and noodles for now but there are so many different things I want to try.. I probably wont be adventurous with the meats yet but ears, tongue, feet, here i come!!


  1. Ashley.

    I am so inspired by the fact that you are in a different country and that you are loving it.

    I'm so happy about it
    I might just cry.

    Mom Jasper.

  2. You did it! We are so excited for you! We hope you have a wonderful fun filled adventure. ( :

    Sarah & Daaaaawwwwn

  3. Ashley!
    Can I just say, I am jealous. Good luck biking around and not getting too lost.