Friday, January 13, 2012

Not so sweet potatoes

 Me and Kamille walked to church on Sunday, Its only about a fifteen minute walk so not to bad. We decided that walking was probably more safe until we figured out how to ride our bikes without dying in the traffic!! You will be pleased to know that we have used our bikes since then, and are still living! Anyways the missionaries translated for us, and ward members who spoke English came and talked to us, everyone here is so nice!

The sister missionaries took us to the night market one night and they ordered me beef fried rice! It was yummy as can be. The night market is probably going to be our favorite place to eat. Everything is really cheap only about 50NTD which is like $1.75. Its cheaper to go buy a fresh cooked meal than to buy something to make. Plus everything we have tried we have loved. We went by our self the other night and I got a smoked honey chicken sandwich. It is kind of neat because its like french toast that they have hollowed out the middle and then they put the meat and veggies in the middle and it was very good. I could eat that every night!! Also, it is the only place that has English next to the Chinese so we can just point to what we want. I need to try a smoothie still and we found a place that has pizza we might try soon!!

Finally, I was given my topic for teaching and guess what it is?? SWEET POTATOES! What?!? I have to plan and prepare lessons around sweet potatoes for a month?? Oh dear! I'm going to have to get very creative!! If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know... I'm going to need them! However, I also get language arts, so that will be fun being able to teach the alphabet and plan those lessons!

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  1. The food sounds good! Much more normal than I expected. I'm glad everyone is being nice to you guys. I bet that makes life a little easier in a foreign country! I am excited to see all your posts to come! (and good luck on the sweet potatoes, I got nothin')